Kai Tracid

Kai Tracid: “I’ve never played a pre-recorded set in my career”

The electronic music scene is buzzing with debates following deadmau5’s admission of using pre-recorded sets. Among the voices speaking up is German music legend Kai Tracid, known for his dynamic career since 1995. Tracid’s candid response to We Rave You’s article stands in contrast to deadmau5’s approach, stating, “I’ve never played a pre-recorded set in my career.”

Tracid’s statement reflects his commitment to the essence of live performances. He takes us back to the mid-90s, when vinyl record players were the norm, and the art of seamlessly transitioning between tracks was a skill honed through dedication and practice. In a time when DJs had to read the crowd and adapt in the moment, Tracid emphasizes that mastering the vinyl setup was essential for success.

Today’s DJing landscape, as Tracid notes, is marked by technological ease and automation. While digital tools have democratized DJing, the conversation remains about finding a balance between convenience and preserving the authenticity that defined the craft.

Kai Tracid’s response encapsulates the journey of DJing from manual vinyl manipulation to modern digital convenience. His stance reminds us of the artistry that goes beyond pre-recorded sets, emphasizing the value of true live interaction between DJ and audience. Check out the full comment below and let us know what you think in the comment section!


Kai Tracid



Image Credit: Kai Tracid (Press)

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