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Matt Fax opens up about main inspirations, his third studio album ‘Story Of The Fall’ and more: Interview

Blessing us all for over a decade now, Matt Fax has well and truly cemented himself amongst the elite of the electronic dance industry. A true pillar within the melodic house and progressive scene, we could not be any more thrilled to be joined by the man of the moment for this exclusive interview.

Impacting the electronic dance industry in more ways than none, Matt Fax is the epitome of an artist that has been mastering his craft to the utmost of perfection. Establishing himself as a true pioneer within the melodic house and progressive scene, the French DJ/Producer leaves no doubt to the imagination, whilst each of his productions act as a clear indicator towards the undeniable musical prowess that he possesses. Following a career that spans over a decade now, Matt Fax has been pushing boundaries in terms of his style of play, and the overall message that he has set out to portray through each of his endeavors, and in turn, he has been able to amass millions of streams worldwide, with some of the biggest names in our scene, constantly providing support for every new release or project that he embarks on. Having said this, we could not be any more happy to be joined by the man of the moment, as he opens up about the main inspirations and influences that led to him pursuing a career in music, his ability to leave a distinct mark on a particular genre for quite some time now, the significance of maintaining a versatile nature, the release of his third studio album, ‘Story Of The Fall,’ the musical direction he opted to take this time round with a body of work of such magnitude, what the future holds and so much more.


Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight on the main inspirations/influences that led to your chosen career pathway in music?

Thanks for having me. I’ve always listened to music ever since I was a baby, but main main influences for making music in the beginning were guys like Joachim Garraud, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, deadmau5 and Radiohead.


Establishing yourself within the melodic house and progressive scene, we would like to know how your style of play came to be, as well as the significance around finding your identity as an artist within the dance scene?

I’ve always listened to progressive house starting from 2009/2010, and I always made this kind of music because that’s what I was listening to predominantly. As I grew up I’ve tried several other genres, but most of my work stays in the Progressive sphere for sure.


Venturing through the various realms and possibilities surrounding your preferred genre, we would also like to know your own outlook on maintaining a versatile nature, as well as the impact that it can have on an artist as time progresses?

I never like to do the same track twice. I think it’s important to reinvent yourself and search for other inspirations to keep progressing and stay interesting to your audience. When I do music, I always do multiple versions of the same track until I find the perfect match between my own style and something I haven’t made yet.



Matt Fax

Image Credit: Matt Fax (Press)


Pushing the progressive melodic sound forward, could you give us an insight on how each of your productions come to life, as well as any key elements that have helped pave the way for you as an established artist within our community?

When I make music, I try to think as a fan of music, what do I want to hear? Lately I’ve been feeling like the whole Progressive scene was sounding the same and nothing excited me anymore, so I decided to take influence from other styles and merge them together. The fact of sounding different can make you stand out from the others.


Set to release a body of work for the ages, we would like to know the main thought process behind each of the featured tracks on your upcoming album, ‘Story Of The Fall,’ as well as the overall message that you have set out to portray with the creation of this multi-faceted album?

The whole album has been a hard 3 years of work influenced by my personal experiences, my depression which I’m still battling against, and how it changed me to someone I didn’t really wanted to be. I’ve made this album as a therapy to get rid of those hard feelings, and I think by listening to it people will know me better. The overall message would be life can be hard sometimes, your whole world can fall down, you might change, but instead of fear it, embrace it and use it as a fuel to get better.


Stepping out from your usual progressive-driven sound, ‘Story Of The Fall’ incorporates a vast array of musical elements. Could you give us a further insight on the direction you have chosen for your third studio album, as well as your own outlook on how this can help further enhance your presence amongst lovers of various genres?

There is a lot of orchestral moments on this album. I think it reinforce the feelings I try to express in the tracks, it can also help the listener to picture a scene or a situation. I’ve also incorporated elements from bass music as it as what I was mostly listening to during the making of the album. I think it represents the darker thoughts pretty well. I really wanted to make a music that’d express a feeling, and it’s been a long process to find the perfect instruments, melodies, and try to communicate an emotion with them.





Despite the young of your age, you have already left a distinct impact with each of your endeavors. Could you give us an insight on how electronic music became a stellar part of your life, and how your perception may have changed as time progressed?

Electronic music always been and will always be part of me. As I grow up, I see how fast it evolves and how hard it is for an artist to stay at least actual or better forward-thinking and be a precursor. Making music been made so easy over the past 10 years, I sometimes feel like a tiny fish in the sea. I guess the key is to keep doing what I love to do and it’ll find it’s audience at some point.


With summer 2023 now in full flow, we would like to know of any upcoming live performances and projects that are on the way for Matt Fax, as well as any hints towards what the future may hold?

The rest of 2023 will be mostly about promotion the album and touring all over the world. I’m also going to release a couple of remixes over the next few months, and I’m already working on my 2024 release schedule. Busy times!


Continuing to impact the dance scene in the most immersive of manners, Matt Fax has well and truly cemented his status amongst the elite of our community, and with no signs of slowing down, we cannot wait for all the future endeavors that will be released upon us. With this in mind, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on Matt Fax as he ventures within the dance scene, but for the time being, you can stay fully up to date, by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Image Credit: Matt Fax Press / Provided by Enhanced Music

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