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Paul Van Dyk and Sean & Dee team up on euphoric new single ‘Fragmentation’: Listen

Paul Van Dyk has joined forces with duo Sean & Dee to release the breathtaking new single ‘Fragmentation,’ out now via VANDIT Alternative.

Renowned electronic music legend Paul Van Dyk has joined forces with the Italian duo Sean & Dee to continue to push the envelope with the breathtaking new track ‘Fragmentation.’ The collaboration marks a meeting of minds between two generations of electronic music artists, resulting in a track that promises to captivate the current dance music scene with something new and refreshing. 

‘Fragmentation’ emerges as a euphoric masterpiece that explores the darker and harder edge of progressive house and melodic techno. The track begins with a thumping hard kick that leads the way to the exploration of new soundscapes. Synths slowly begin to layer up on one another, radiating new and powerful energy full of intense emotion. As things begin to intensify during the progressive build-up, a dynamic drop full of melodic techno synths and percussion releases a contagious groove that is certain to send any crowd into a trance. 

Paul Van Dyk, a luminary in the electronic music realm, has played a pivotal role in shaping the trance genre since the 1990s. Known for timeless tracks like ‘For an Angel’ and ‘Nothing But You,’ Paul Van Dyk’s music has transcended dance floors and resonated with fans worldwide. His ability to infuse emotion and energy into his compositions has earned him a dedicated fanbase and the status of a true icon. Hailing from Italy, Sean & Dee have rapidly risen through the ranks of the electronic music scene. Their distinctive sound, which fuses melodic and progressive elements, has gained them recognition from industry heavyweights and listeners alike. Collaborating with Paul van Dyk on ‘Fragmentation’ not only underscores their growing influence but also highlights their adaptability and willingness to explore new musical territories.

The collaboration between Paul Van Dyk and Sean & Dee goes beyond the studio, as the duo is set to perform alongside Paul Van Dyk at SHINE Ibiza on September 14. Be sure to check out Paul Van Dyk and Sean & Dee’s new single ‘Fragmentation’ on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform


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