PLS&TY returns with Swahili-sung House single ‘Your Love’: Listen

PLS&TY is back with another fresh dose of new music and sonic direction with ‘Your Love’, featuring Sofiya Nzau.

PLS&TY (Tommy Leas) is wasting no time after the release of his ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’ EP last month, already back with another new single in the form of Your Love’, a uniquely addictive global dance gem. The track is a fusion of tech and deep house, tribal music, with a mix of Swahili and English vocals by Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau. Nzau’s Swahili choral performance is a stunningly ethereal, wild soliloquy that will ignite the fire of your heart, especially when paired with PLS&TY’s diverse production prowess that rides on deep, groovy basslines and danceable tribal melodies. ‘Your Love’ signifies PLS&TY’s growth as an artist post ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’ indicating that he’s only getting started with the new and unexpected sonic styles.

Speaking very candidly about the new project, Leas states,  ‘The ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’ project reignited a fire within that had been, admittedly, waning, and stands on new ground for the PLS&TY sound moving forward. I also believe that with ‘3 Days, 2 Nights,’ listeners caught a glimpse into the PLS&TY sound no longer being confined by any one genre or style. Now, ‘Your Love’ kickstarts a new chapter of the post-EP dose of music that entails primarily club & DJ-set-focused material. ‘Your Love’ is unique in that the vocals are sung largely in Swahili, and extend well across continents and borders.’

Listen to the electric new track here.

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Image Credit: Dmitry Zhitov / Provided by Unfolded PR