Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin brings ‘From Our Minds’ to NYC for one night only

Richie Hawtin, a pioneering figure in the realm of electronic music known by his alias Plastikman, has unveiled the latest destination for his groundbreaking ‘From Our Minds’ concept: the Knockdown Center in Queens, New York.

This stand-alone event in the heart of the Big Apple marks a significant milestone in Richie Hawtin live performance journey. The event not only showcases the future of techno talent but also underscores the essence of American nightlife in one of its vibrant hubs. The chosen venue, promoter, and ensemble of performers are united in their dedication to upholding the techno legacy while propelling the genre into new dimensions.

In the preceding months, Richie Hawtin ‘From Our Minds’ made its debut in North America, inaugurating its journey in the birthplace of techno itself, Detroit, before embarking on a series of resoundingly successful performances in warehouses across Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities. The tour’s allure lies not only in its locations, disclosed on the day of the show, but also in its stringent no-photo/video policy, which fosters a unique and intimate experience for attendees. The tour, a platform for showcasing fresh talent handpicked by Hawtin, represents the vanguard of artists shaping the techno landscape with their innovative contributions. This collective includes label owners, visual artists, producers, and DJs who transcend geographical boundaries, hailing from regions beyond the conventional epicenters of electronic music.

At the Knockdown Center, this eclectic group will congregate on the East Coast for the first time, forging an unprecedented synergy. Joining the ranks are the newly introduced machìna and Tylr, adding fresh perspectives to the ensemble’s sonic palette.

‘From Our Minds’ is an evolution of Hawtin’s earlier CNTRL tours in 2012 and 2015. Amidst the surge of EDM popularity in the US, Hawtin embarked on bus tours, gracing American college cities with performances, lectures, and workshops aimed at enlightening a burgeoning generation of electronic music enthusiasts about the roots and essence of techno music. The tour’s mantra is inspired by Hawtin’s ’90s label imprint Plus 8 and its emblematic slogan ‘From Our Minds To Yours,’ a nod to the formative years of techno.

In the current landscape, as techno gains widespread recognition and commercialization, Hawtin is revisiting his mission of contextualizing and nurturing the underground scene. He seeks out venues that hold personal significance while shining a spotlight on emerging artists. This endeavor celebrates the collaborative spirit and cross-generational impact of techno.

The lineup for the event features a diverse array of talents, with Barbosa from Canada, Declan James and Decoder representing Texas, Jay York from New York, Henry Brooks and Huey Mnemonic from Detroit, Lindsey Herbert from the South West, and Michelle Sparks contributing her unique sound. Joining the roster for the NYC stop are machìna and Tylr, who bring their distinct sonic identities to the fold.

Richie Hawtin himself, a luminary whose artistic journey has been intertwined with the foundational principles of techno, completes the ensemble. His commitment to technological innovation and mentorship of younger artists has been instrumental in driving techno’s evolution.

‘From Our Minds’ operates in collaboration with independent local promoters who hold a deep appreciation for techno’s history and its sustainable future. Knockdown Center, renowned for its techno haven BASEMENT, aligns seamlessly with this vision, creating an experience that rivals the legendary Tresor in Berlin. Tickets and information can be found here.


Image Credit: Anne Harbers / Provided by Infamous PR

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