Steve Aoki UIM E1 World Championship

Steve Aoki enters a racing team in the UIM E1 World Championship

Renowned American record producer, DJ, and entrepreneur Steve Aoki is venturing into the world of powerboating, echoing the footsteps of his father, who was a powerboat racing pilot in the 1970s and 1980s. Aoki is now stepping into the realm of racing by establishing a team in the UIM E1 World Championship, a pioneering all-electric raceboat championship.

Steve Aoki entrance into this exhilarating sport represents a fusion of his electric energy, creativity, and passion with the adrenaline-fueled world of racing. As a two-time Grammy-nominated musician, he brings his unique vision to the global racing series. His team will be competing against those led by renowned sports figures such as Tom Brady, Rafael Nadal, Sergio Perez, and Didier Drogba.

The UIM E1 World Championship continues to attract prominent figures from the sports and entertainment sectors as team owners, united by their shared enthusiasm for sportsmanship, competition, and sustainability.

Steve Aoki, the global music trailblazer, is embarking on a journey to electrify water. He recently announced his upcoming album ‘Hiroquest: Double-Helix‘ aswell as the formation of his racing team for participation in the UIM E1 World Championship, a groundbreaking competition featuring all-electric raceboats.

Aoki’s extraordinary life has been fueled by adrenaline, evident in his music career as a highly successful DJ, music producer, and entrepreneur. Now, he is poised to channel his energy and drive into the aquatic domain. Following in his father’s legacy, Rocky Aoki, the founder of the popular Benihana restaurant chain and a former wrestler, was an offshore powerboat racer in the late 20th century. His determination was highlighted by surviving a near-fatal crash beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in 1979.

In joining this prestigious event, Aoki joins a distinguished roster of team owners, including NFL superstar Tom Brady, tennis legend Rafa Nadal, F1 icon Sergio Perez, former Chelsea soccer star Didier Drogba, and the Venice Racing team. This list is set to expand with additional announcements in the coming weeks.

Steve Aoki shared, “The UIM E1 World Championship offers me the unique opportunity to honor my father’s racing legacy on the water while embracing the electric future. E1 embodies a perfect blend of adrenaline, sport, sustainability, and enjoyment. I eagerly anticipate cultivating our team’s presence, entertaining fans with both racing prowess and celebratory events, all while inspiring positive change and fostering unity. It’s an honor to follow my father’s path, and I’m excited to compete vigorously both on the water and beyond, alongside icons like Tom Brady, Rafael Nadal, and Sergio Perez. As I love venturing beyond my familiar domains, I look forward to connecting with you all at the waterfront as we revolutionize waterborne racing.”

Over the course of three decades, Steve Aoki has been a catalyst for dance and music enthusiasts worldwide. As one of the highest-grossing dance artists globally, he regularly performs at over 300 shows annually, captivating tens of thousands of revelers week after week.

Recognized for his captivating remixes, Aoki has collaborated with notable artists including BTS, Lil Uzi Vert, Blink-182, Linkin Park,, Louis Tomlinson, and Fall Out Boy, among others. His electric charisma has fostered a vibrant community of millions of fans across social media platforms, amassing nearly 4 billion streams.

Through the UIM E1 World Championship, Aoki is poised to engage in competition, performance, and creative expression simultaneously. He will infuse music and captivating performances into E1 events, which serve as a dynamic platform interweaving sports, entertainment, and tangible contributions toward a more sustainable future for our planet and its waters.

Aoki’s entrepreneurial endeavors span a record label, successful investments in esports, blockchain technology, and the metaverse, establishing him as a visionary in the realms of fashion and literature.

Driven by a profound commitment to sustainability within the spheres of fashion, music, and technology, Aoki aspires to leave a positive imprint, championing sustainable living with a particular focus on marine conservation. His memoir, titled “Blue: The Color of Noise,” reflects his dedication to safeguarding the marine environment. This commitment has led him to helm a team in the UIM E1 World Championship.

Rodi Basso, Co-Founder & CEO of the UIM E1 World Championship, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The UIM E1 World Championship continues to attract leaders from the worlds of sports, business, and entertainment to spearhead teams in our inaugural electric racing season. We’re thrilled to welcome Steve Aoki to the E1 racing family. As a novel concept, it’s invigorating to witness international luminaries joining us as we expand our fleet—this model has proven highly successful. With sporting icons like Brady, Nadal, and Perez already on board, we’re excited to embrace entertainment luminaries as well. And there’s more to come—stay tuned!”

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Image Credit: Electric Sea Racing Limited

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