Stratus drops heavy new ‘Gob Slab’ EP on Subcarbon Records: Listen

With a steady output of incredible bass singles dating back to his debut on Owsla in 2012, Stratus has continued to hone his talents and techniques as he pushes his own sound forward with each new release. Now the producer makes his debut on Subcarbon Records with a brand new EP full of four hard-hitting bass tracks that are sure to send crowds around the world into a frenzy.

Simply titled Gob Slab, the new batch of songs may seem oddly titled but one listen and the irreverant wordplay feels like the perfect summary of the sounds and production contained on the EP. Beginning with the titled track, Stratus opens the collection with a haunting layer of percussion, bass, and synths, welcoming listeners into his world with a growing anticipation that quickly unleashes itself in a heavy-hitting breakdown that inevitably follows. These are tracks that are meant to be played live and the producer shared the positive reaction he has recieved as he has tested them out on the road before the release:

“This is my favorite batch of music I’ve ever produced. They’ve been proven weapons at shows all year and I’m so excited to finally get them in everyone’s hands!”

Following the title track is Don’t Do It, a mesmerizing single that almost feels alien with its high pitched lead and frantic production. The final two tracks, Keep Walking and BomBreaka continue to build upon the musical themes of the EP, while also exploring different energies and vibes to avoid repetition across the album. Keep Walking may offer some of the heaviest breakdowns yet its intro is also the most welcoming, with its atmospheric sound and robotic vocal samples to start. Finally, BomBreaka rounds out the collection, wasting no time in dropping a groovy rhythm and syncopated beat that is built for clubs and festival stages around the world.

Be sure to check out Gob Slab, out now via Subcarbon Records.

Image Credit: Press Photo | Provided by GetIn! PR

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