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Swedish House Mafia tease upcoming ‘Ray Of Solar’ remixes

Legendary trio Swedish House Mafia have just taken to their social media accounts, as they share a snippet of three upcoming remixes for their most recent release, ‘Ray Of Solar.’ Captioned as “Coming soon…,” the likes of Alex Wann & Sasson, Anfisa Letyago and Mau P will be adding their own unique touch to this already fan favourite track.

Continuing to cause quite the frenzy since their return, Swedish House Mafia have well and truly set out on blessing fans alike with each of their endeavors, and this time is no different. Having just finished the last chapter of their ‘Paradise Again‘ live tour, the legendary trio took the opportunity of releasing a fan favourite ID from their collective, as well as solo sets, at that is no other than ‘Ray Of Solar.’ A production that takes you back to the good old Swedish House Mafia days, its euphoric aura, and ever-so addictive sound, has had listeners feeling some type of way each time this track has been played live, from the very start which was of course their exclusive performance at Kappa FuturFestival.

Taken from their upcoming album that is on the works and to this day still remains a mystery to us all, ‘Ray Of Solar’ is the most fitting of singles that will emerge through this brand new chapter of Swedish House Mafia, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it. With the track already growing in popularity by the second, the trio have now taken to their social media accounts, and Instagram for that matter, to unveil a photo of three upcoming remixes of ‘Ray Of Solar,’ courtesy of Alex Wann & Sasson, Anfisa Letyago and Mau P. With each of these acts set to add their own unique touch to this already certified hit, fans alike are now in for yet another treat, as the iconic act continues to further surprise us all with each of their endeavors in the most pleasant of ways.

Captioned as “Coming soon…,” each of these remixes will be elevating the original track to even further heights, and in turn, we cannot wait for what Swedish House Mafia and the aforementioned acts have in store for us this time round. A waiting game at this point, we will be keeping a close eye on the Swedes and each of their endeavors, but for the time being, be sure to keep an eye on our page for any new updates on the remixes, as well as any further information on their upcoming album, and as always, don’t forget to also leave your own thoughts in the comments section.



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