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Tomorrowland partners with BMW for generative AI music platform

For most electronic music fans, Tomorrowland represents the pinnacle of music festivals around the world, bringing together some of the biggest names in the industry to perform on stages that are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and grandiose, helping craft a surreal experience for all attendees as well as the millions viewing at home via the live stream. Beyond the live event, the team at Tomorrowland continues to evolve its offerings and create products and offerings that help elevate fans’ experience throughout the year with the music scene.

The latest announcement from Tomorrowland sees the festival organizers partnering with BMW to deliver an artificial intelligence experience for fans to help curate a virtual experience to share on social media. Titled Future Record, the AI platform allows fans to enter a variety of prompts including stage name, desired tempo, as well as a dedication for the project, and it will create a 30-second clip that can then be shared to social media to depict the experience. While the 30-second clips will contain music and other content, the designers have made it clear that the final product will not be available to monetize.

While the role and purpose of AI in music are still being hotly debated, this new tool from Tomorrowland and BMW is one that has been crafted strictly to engage fans and create a new experience and social media presence for music lovers around the world. After responding to the prompts, the software is able to deliver a variety of different styles such as energetic, euphoric, and melodic, while also generating lyrics. Each vibe and genre is programmed to offer three tracks to fit that style and can offer four variations of the 45 compositions for a total of 180 pieces of music.

It is not known whether Tomorrowland and BMW will continue to evolve and expand the offerings of Future Record, but for now, the tool is available for fans around the world to start inputting their own prompts into.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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