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Travis Scott joined the decks with Black Coffee at Hï Ibiza: Watch

A popular American rapper at the DJ booth has rocked the club in Ibiza: Travis Scott joined the decks with Black Coffee at Hï Ibiza

The legendary house DJ, Black Coffee, has been blowing up the dancefloor for over three decades and is now the resident DJ at Hï Ibiza every Saturday. However, in recent days Travis Scott joined him on the decks, hyping up the crowd.

“An iconic memory was etched last Saturday when Black Coffee & Travis Scott joined forces on stage.”, added Hï Ibiza to their Instagram post.

Some videos posted on the internet show the pair getting down to Black Coffee’s music, surrounded by partygoers who are also enjoying the unusual happenings while strobe lights shine around them. Travis Scott added his own improvisation to the performance, while Black Coffee was in charge of mixes and beats.

Travis Scott, a rapper, singer, and producer from Houston, TX, is vaguely connected to other genres (including electronic music) outside of his own style. However, in 2020, he signaled for DJs to be aware of his work, as it’s possible he could try his hand at their genre in the near future. Soon after, Spanish DJ and producer HVME created the smash hit “Goosebumps” reimagining, a Travis Scott composition. Travis has recently released his new album “Utopia”, which also features Daft Punk as a collaborator.

Not everyone’s happy:

Underneath the posts, there are comments of different moods, on one side there are those who are very happy that the two musical genres, which are considered different, are so well connected, while on the other side, there are more serious comments. Just like one commenter said: “Not a fan of this guy, especially after the accident. Black Coffee doesn’t need a partner like this.”, referring to the 2021 tragedy at the Astroworld concert, in which Travis Scott was not found guilty, but some argue that he did not stop the concert despite calls for help.


Image Credit: Rudgr / Provided by Tomorrowland

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