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Shocking Footage emerges from flooded Burning Man 2023

Startling images and videos are surfacing across social media showing the extreme conditions faced by attendees of Burning Man 2023 this past week. The annual arts festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert was hit with torrential rainstorms that flooded the area and mired the event in thick, impassable mud.


Some of the most jarring scenes capture Burners attempting to evacuate the area on foot, forced to trek miles through knee and even waist-deep mud without shoes on. Attendees use everything to keep their belongings dry while slogging through the relentless flash floods.


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The following video provides an aerial view of the scale of the flooding, with acres of playa swallowed up by rainfall and key roads resembling muddy rivers rather than pathways. Anything more than a few feet off the ground sits surrounded by muddy water.





@milliondollarrenter Out here at burning man. In the pouring rain. #burningman2023 #burningman #blackrockcity #travel ♬ Way Of The Warrior – Fifty Vinc



@itsmechelsealeigh Its dumping rain here on the playa 😞😂🙏 isnt going to stop for…days? #burningman #theburn #rainingman #sendhelp #rain #storm #hurricane ♬ original sound – Chelsea Leigh


Image credits: Duncan Rawlinson on Flickr


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