Drew Angus

Drew Angus tackles heartbreak in upbeat single ‘Broken Heart Last’: Listen

Drew Angus’s latest Americana Pop-Rock single, “Broken Heart Last,” takes you on a journey through the intricate landscape of heartbreak. More than a song, “Broken Heart Last” uses the universal language of music to authentically communicate the relatable emotions experienced in the aftermath of a breakup. The epic summer jam comforts the broken-hearted to feel less alone with each lyric and sweeping note.

A collaborative effort, Angus and New York-based co-writer Matt Giella bring the catchy track to life, infusing “Broken Heart Last” with personal struggle that instantly resonates. Born amidst their own pandemic challenges of divorce for Giella and a difficult breakup for Angus, the single manages to be both a tragic and triumphant navigation of love and loss and all the complex feelings attached to the end of relationships. Vivid lyrics paint the picture of being left with just the ghost of precious memories when the exhilarating rush of love fades away.

Angus’ unique exploration of relational roller coasters stands out for its contrast of upbeat instruments with melancholy lyrics. The duality reflects the way breakups bring a rush of positive memories as well as pain when those memories remain just that. The anguish of the post-breakup haze blares through the hook of “Broken Heart Last,” begging the question of how long a broken heart must be endured.

Differentiating itself from the many breakup songs out there, Angus and Giella set out to create a song that examined failed relationships from a fresh perspective, delving deep into the personal pain and indefinite timeline of healing from love loss.

Angus, an independent artist hailing from Bridgeport, Connecticut, reliably injects his New Americana music with catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and a touch of retro soul. Harmoniously blending styles new and old, Angus draws tone and songwriting inspiration from greats like The Beatles and Rolling Stones as well as John Mayer and The Lone Bellow. Crafting music that is equally grand and grounded, Angus’ distinct sound resonates with diverse audiences while having focused perspectives.

An artist on the rise, Angus’s passion and dedication are evident in his music and achievements, including touring and performing with stars like Harry Styles, Pat Benatar, Andrea Bocelli, and Marc Broussard and building an ever-growing following filled with fans of his soulful and spirited performances and voice.

“Broken Heart Last” embodies Angus’s abundant talent and ability to weave narratives within his music. The song’s buzzy build-up immediately immerses you, with the beat rising like a pulse under the captivating lyrics. With a big hook, detailed drums and guitar, and a refreshing combination of pop and rock, “Broken Heart Last” lets each component shine in energetic bursts.

In the warmth of Angus’s impressive and passionate vocals, listeners find not just a memorably invigorating tune but a caring ally with “Broken Heart Last” expertly capturing genuine emotions that aren’t always easy to put into words and reminding us that grief is as valid as the good times.

Now available on all streaming platforms, “Broken Heart Last” leaves a lasting impression and proves Angus’s indelible talent is here to stay.




Image Credit: Drew Angus / Provided by Ascend Agency

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