Jordan Agro

Jordan Agro delivers bass filled new single ‘Dancefloor’: Listen

While most fans focus on the music and live performances that producers deliver when defining their art, Jordan Agro arrives with a diverse portfolio and background that has seen him featured as a model in prominent environments. While his early career path certainly opened doors, especially with spreads in Vogue Italia, Agro switched to the music scene in 2020 and has been making a name for himself in the dance world ever since.

From the start of his music career, Jordan Agro has aimed high with his releases, even contributing to The Outlaw Ocean Project, a work by New York Times journalist Ian Urbina, that was composed for a Netflix series produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. With such massive momentum to start his career, the producer is showing no signs of slowing down as he now unleashes his latest dancefloor-ready anthem upon the world. The aptly titled new single Dancefloor is truly meant for late nights in crowded rooms surrounded by like-minded individuals who allow themselves to get lost in the rhythms and ambiance of the moment.

Across the three-minute single, Jordan Agro delivers a steady punch of bass and percussion, constantly pushing the listener to move to the track as it is relentless in its drive and energy. To further pull fans in, a deep male vocal sample is layered on top, demanding the audience to “let’s make it go, shake it to the floor, let’s make it go,” a dark and hypnotic layer that perfectly meshes with the vibe of the track. The release of Dancefloor is another solid confirmation that Agro’s decision to switch career paths from modeling to music was a positive step for the young producer.

Having joined AWAL, a label owned by Sony Music, fans around the world will surely be hearing much more from Jordan Agro in the near future. In the meantime, check out his latest single below.


Image Credit: Jordan Agro (Press)

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