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Alesso, Calvin Harris & Theo Hurts timeless hit ‘Under Control’ turns 10 years old

Introduction: In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, certain tracks have the power to stand the test of time. One such iconic collaboration is “Under Control,” a track that brought together three remarkable talents: Alesso, Calvin Harris, and Theo Hurts. This beloved electronic music anthem was released a decade ago and continues to resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the enduring impact of “Under Control.”

The Birth of a Masterpiece: In 2013, Swedish DJ and producer Alesso joined forces with the Scottish electronic music superstar Calvin Harris and the English synth-pop duo Hurts, consisting of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, to create something truly magical. “Under Control” was born from this union of musical geniuses, and it quickly became a game-changer in the electronic music scene.

A Fusion of Talent: “Under Control” is a perfect blend of Alesso‘s progressive house vibes, Calvin Harris‘s chart-topping prowess, and Theo Hurts‘ emotive vocal delivery. From the very beginning, this track had all the ingredients to become a dancefloor anthem. Alesso‘s melodic and euphoric production style perfectly complemented Theo Hurts‘ powerful vocals, while Calvin Harris added his signature touch to make the track pop.

Lyrics That Resonate: One of the reasons “Under Control” struck a chord with listeners was its relatable and heartfelt lyrics. The song’s message of seizing the moment and letting go of regrets resonates with people of all ages. Lines like “I might be anyone, a lone fool out in the sun, your heartbeat of solid gold” capture the essence of living in the present and cherishing the beauty of the moment.

Chart-Topping Success: Upon its release, “Under Control” enjoyed immense success on the charts. It climbed the ranks of numerous music charts globally and received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike. The track’s infectious melody, memorable lyrics, and euphoric drop made it a mainstay at festivals and clubs around the world.

A Timeless Classic: What sets “Under Control” apart from many other electronic music tracks is its enduring appeal. Even after a decade, the song continues to be a favorite among DJs and fans alike. Its timeless quality ensures that it can be enjoyed at festivals, on radio stations, and during personal moments of reflection.

Legacy and Influence: “Under Control” not only solidified the careers of its collaborators but also left a lasting mark on the electronic music landscape. It inspired a new generation of producers and artists to experiment with different sounds and push the boundaries of electronic music.



Image Credit: Rony Alwin (Alesso) / Press (Calvin Harris) Provided by Wynn Nightlife

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