Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland 2022

Charlotte de Witte returns with hard-hitting ‘Power Of Thought EP’: Listen

The meteoric rise of Charlotte de Witte and her speaker-crushing productions has been well documented in recent years as the Belgian producer continues to redefine the boundaries of the techno genre and emerge as a star in the electronic music scene. The producer continues her incredible run of hard-hitting releases as she shares the body-shaking rhythms of her Power of Thought EP with the world.

For Charlotte de Witte, she seems to be continuing to redefine what her peak powers can offer, putting on incredible live performances, and pop-up displays, and releasing incredible productions that a rate that has rightfully earned her incredible status and respect all across the electronic music landscape. With the release of the Power Of Thought EP, she is continuing to explore both her sound design and studio techniques, as well as push the boundaries of techno music with her evolving emotions and talents:

“For ‘Power Of Thought’, I wanted to create an EP that touches deeper emotions and captivating the meditative trance you have when you let go on the dance floor. Pria’ has already brought me a lot of joy over the last few months when I have played it during my sets. It offers a moment of reflection and a chance to catch your breath during the rougher, more peak time tracks I play. ‘Abada’ is a track that I really enjoyed making. I discovered these magical chanting vocals and I just knew I wanted to use them in a track. Though this track is maybe less playable in one of my sets, I feel that Abada found its home on this EP and completes the ‘Power Of Thought’ circle.”

As Charlotte de Witte and the KNTXT brand continue to play a larger role in the electronic music landscape, the Belgium producer is showing no signs of fatigue or writer’s block as all three tracks on the new EP hit with immediate energy and continual evolution of her signature sound and style. Don’t miss out on the epic new release, Power Of Thought EP from the one and only Charlotte de Witte.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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