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Countdown NYE full lineup officially revealed
Photo by Tyler Hill Courtesy of Countdown NYE

Countdown NYE full lineup officially revealed

Home Uncategorized Countdown NYE full lineup officially revealed

Countdown NYE officially had their lineup released by Insomniac 6 days after posting a coded lineup poster. The lineup confirms the fan’s previous deciphering.

Countdown NYE cryptically posted to their Instagram on October 24, 2023, with a coded lineup poster. This sent fans into a buzz wondering who was slated to play the annual festival. Some fans were so interested in the early look that they took it upon their selves to make the effort to crack the code and decipher the lineup early.

EDM Maniac covered the story of Katrina, known online as Lycheebeach, a girl who took it upon herself one day at work to take on the job of decoding who all Insomniac had in store for the NYE event. Over her lunch break, Katrina shared with ravers of the internet that they could expect to see artists such as Deadmau5KayzoBorgoreBonnie x Clyde, and many others.

Now, 6 days later, Insomniac has released the official poster, and to the surprise of many, Katrina’s hard work had truly paid off as she had deciphered the code and shown the internet many of the enlisted acts of Countdown NYE.

However, the official poster brings forth new names that were left out of the cryptic post, such as Discovery ProjectRiot TenPorter Robinson, and many more. To see the full list of artists, visit Countdown’s official Instagram.

Photo by Tyler Hill  Courtesy of Countdown NYE

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