Home Uncategorized Depeche Mode ‘Ultra’ Album Song Sells for $2,439 on Discogs: A Collector’s Dream
Depeche Mode ‘Ultra’ Album Song Sells for $2,439 on Discogs: A Collector’s Dream
Depeche Mode
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Depeche Mode ‘Ultra’ Album Song Sells for $2,439 on Discogs: A Collector’s Dream

Home Uncategorized Depeche Mode ‘Ultra’ Album Song Sells for $2,439 on Discogs: A Collector’s Dream

In the ever-evolving world of music collecting, rare vinyl records and music memorabilia often take center stage, drawing enthusiasts and collectors alike into fascinating tales of discovery. Recently, the spotlight has fallen on a remarkable story featuring the iconic English electronic band Depeche Mode and their 1997 album, “Ultra.” A single song from this album, “Useless,” managed to fetch an astonishing $2,439 on Discogs, an online marketplace cherished by music lovers and collectors worldwide.

Ultra,” released on 14 April 1997 by Mute Records, marked a significant chapter in the history of Depeche Mode. It was the band’s ninth studio album and their first following the departure of Alan Wilder, a key member who had become disillusioned with life in the band. Wilder’s exit, coupled with lead singer Dave Gahan‘s well-documented struggles with drug addiction, including a near-fatal overdose, had cast doubt on the future of Depeche Mode. However, “Ultra” defied the odds and emerged as a testament to the band’s resilience and artistic evolution.


Depeche Mode - Ultra
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Notable Features of “Ultra”

“Ultra” stood out in several ways.The album marked the first time Depeche Mode recorded as a trio since “A Broken Frame” in 1982, showcasing the enduring creative power of the core members. In a notable departure from previous albums, the band members did not handle production duties themselves. Instead, these responsibilities were expertly managed byTim Simenon, known for his work with Bomb the Bass.”Ultra” made a triumphant debut, reaching the number one spot on the UK Albums Chart and securing the fifth position on the US Billboard 200. Its commercial success was a testament to the enduring appeal of Depeche Mode. Music critic Ned Raggett included “Ultra” in his list of the “Top 136 or So Albums of the Nineties,” recognizing its significance in the music landscape. The album’s influence extended beyond the realm of music. In 1999, the annualUltra Music Festival in Miami was named after the album by its co-founder Russell Faibisch, underscoring its cultural impact. Additionally, it left an indelible mark on the Polish rock scene, with Tylko Rock ranking it at number 71 on its list of the “100 Albums That Shook Polish Rock.”

The Song That Made Waves

The Depeche Mode track “Useless” from the “Ultra” album recently made headlines when it sold for a staggering $2,439 on Discogs. While the entire album has its dedicated admirers, the rarity and condition of this particular vinyl release transformed it into a collector’s dream. The fact that this sale occurred speaks to the enduring allure of vinyl records and their ability to captivate the hearts of collectors and music enthusiasts alike.

Depeche Mode’s “Ultra” album, released in 1997, continues to be celebrated for its artistic merit, chart-topping success, and lasting impact on music culture. The recent sale of the song “Useless” on Discogs for $2,439 serves as a reminder that music, in its physical form, possesses an enduring charm that transcends time and trends. As collectors continue to seek out rare vinyl treasures, Depeche Mode’s “Ultra” remains a shining example of the magic that can be found in the grooves of a record.


Image Credit: MediaDishNET Greg S via Flickr | License: Public Domain Mark 1.0


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