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How Techno Shapes the Future: A Revealing Documentary
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How Techno Shapes the Future: A Revealing Documentary

Home Uncategorized How Techno Shapes the Future: A Revealing Documentary

The German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle has created a documentary in which you can find out how they think How Techno Shapes the Future.

Techno today is more powerful than it has ever been in itself. The documentary “How Techno Shapes the Future”, presented by Deutsche Welle at the beginning of October, aims to describe its impact.

“Techno is harder, faster and more diverse than ever. Between underground, culture and commerce – where is techno today?”, the documentary raises the question.

On 8 October, Deutsche Welle, one of Germany’s best-known public service broadcasters, published a new music documentary on its YouTube channel. The topic is simple and to the point: techno, perhaps one of the strongest electronic music genres on the market today, which is talked about even when it’s not the genre that’s playing in the club, but another electronic music genre. The documentary explores a number of topics, such as how the hype started, how pop artists got involved in this “anti-pop” genre, and of course, what sub-genres and sounds have evolved over time.

It is divided into the following chapters:

  1. Starting the Hype
  2. Taking Over Pop Music
  3. Creating New Styles
  4. Reclaiming the Narrative
  5. The Spirit of Techno
  6. Pushing the Boundaries

As well as tracing techno’s breakout from Detroit post-1990s, a number of DJs and producers working in the genre give their take on the style. Among others Sven Väth, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, and TAAHLIAH. But there is also Nicky Böhm, project manager of the legendary techno label and nightclub Tresor Berlin. Böhm emphasizes the significance of increased diversity and inclusion to enhance female representation within the industry, and TAAHLIAH further delves into this topic by sharing her personal encounters with discrimination. In the latest installment of DW’s Arts Unveiled series, this new episode follows the release of “How Techno Emerged: From Detroit to Berlin”.

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