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Jordan Savage discusses main inspirations, upcoming debut ‘ICONIC’ EP and more: Interview

Emerging in the dance scene in the most distinct of fashions, Jordan Savage is more than set on reaching global dominance, and we are all for it. Gearing up for the release of his debut ‘ICONIC‘ EP, the man of the moment provides us with all the details in this latest interview.

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, Jordan Savage is the personification of an artist that has been mastering his craft to the utmost of perfection. Focusing on the sub-genres of Bass House and Future Bass, the Colorado-based DJ/Producer has been blessing fans alike with each of his releases, whilst his attention to detail, most definitely helps him stand out from all the rest. Incorporating various musical elements when taking on a project, Jordan Savage ensures nothing less than the most feel-good of vibes, and despite an absence from music whilst serving in the military for his country, the man of the moment wasted no time in developing his own signature sound, and providing us all with hard-hitting productions that will scintillate even the toughest of crowds. Constantly on the rise, we could not be any happier to be joined by Jordan Savage, as he discusses the main inspirations and influences that led to his chosen career pathway in music, the significance behind maintaining a versatile nature within our community, the creation of his style of play and the genres that define his sound thus far, having enrolled at the ICON Collective music production school and the knowledge gained during that time, the rapid success of his single ‘Sky Is Falling,’ the upcoming release of his debut EP, ‘ICONIC,’ future plans and so much more.
Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight on the main inspirations and influences that led to your chosen career pathway in music?
I grew up in a very musical family and picked up drumming at a very early age. Music was a super important aspect of my life from elementary school all the way through high school, competing and traveling with my state champion drumline all 4 years. My early exposure to music came from my parents and was extremely diverse ranging from classic rock like Led Zeppelin and The Who to cowboy country like Willie Nelson and Marty Robbins. As I started to develop my own taste, I dabbled in the gangster rap of the 90’s, alternative rock, grunge, metal, and got into EDM after lots of time spent in Europe immersed in the culture. After being away from an active role in music for many years, it’s a deep rooted love for music and a passion to create that has led me back into a life of music. The journey back has been an extremely rewarding one and I wouldn’t change it in the least.
With versatility a key aspect for any up and coming act within the dance scene, we would like to know how your own style of play came to be, as well as your thoughts on the significance of alternating genres whilst producing music in this day and age?
This is a great question as it pits two schools of thought against each other. From what I’ve read about Spotify and their algorithm, they would have you believe the best chance for success is to stick to one style and let your fans find you. And maybe this is the right answer. But artistic creativity would say that making more than one style of music would lead to increased appeal across electronic music lovers and an overall more enjoyable experience. I settled into my style of music through some really powerful experiences at stages like Bass Pod at EDCLV. As a former metal head, I love bass music! But I also love melodies and pretty vocals. So my music best fits into the category of melodic bass music. Sometimes it’s melodic dubstep like Samurai, or sometimes it’s house music with dubstep elements like Sky is Falling. I want to make music that evokes emotion and creates powerful energy at the same time!
Chris Jordan

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Focusing directly on the sub-genres of Bass House, as well as Future Bass in some instances, could you provide us with an overview on how your signature sound develops over time, as well as the experience gained as time progresses?
I initially started making electronic music with the goal of making future bass, what I believe is one of the hardest in the EDM world to produce. But while I was in school at Icon we had homework assignments to produce in other genres for familiarization and practice. One such assignment was to produce a house track, which I had never done, as I’m not a huge fan of traditional house music. That being said, producing this house track was extremely fun and I immediately wanted to combine house and dubstep, which is how I arrived at Bass House, although I think my interpretation of it is a little different than most of the bass house I hear. After working a few tracks in this style, I felt the urge to get back to future bass and started really trying to hone my skills in this extremely difficult genre to do at a high level. As time progresses, I continue to learn new ways to make sounds, create emotion, and express myself through music. It’s very likely that future Jordan Savage music will sound very different than the current stuff, and I think that’s ok.
Enrolling at a music production school such as ICON Collective, could you give us an insight on the impact that this venture has had on your career thus far, as well as an overall overview of the main lessons taught whilst studying a subject that you deeply cared for?
I believe that if you want to do anything well, you should seek formal training and/or education in that thing. That’s what led me to Icon Collective school for music production. Icon was a really great experience and brought me from just opened Ableton for the first time, to creating actual music I’m proud of. Coursework there included Ableton, groove theory, the art of flow, keyboard techniques and 1-on-1 mentor sessions with a studio mentor currently active in the music industry, which was my personal favorite part! My time at Icon was invaluable, and I named my debut EP ‘ICONIC’ as a respectful nod to the school. Truthfully, I hope to go back and continue my education there someday.
Garnering a vast amount of streams for your single, ‘Sky Is Falling,’ we would like to know the main thought process behind the production of this track, as well as the overall message that is sets out to portray?
‘Sky Is Falling’ was released in April of 2023 and currently sits right around 50K streams on Spotify. The song was actually produced / mixed / mastered in a matter of a few days while I was abroad for work. I had been working projects trying to combine house and dubstep, but none had been very exciting for me up to that point. I actually found the vocal on Splice and it was absolute fire which led to me being able to create around it quickly. The song is about protecting your partner even in the event of major crisis (the sky falling) and takes the listener on a journey where things get really rough in the middle, but finishes on a very upbeat, happy tone.
With your debut EP, ‘ICONIC,’ more than set on taking the dance scene by storm, could you provide us with an overview on each of the six featured tracks, the various sub -genres enlisted for each, as well as the main inspiration(s) behind its creation?
‘ICONIC’ EP is a collection of 6 tracks, 3 brand news songs and 3 brand new mixes to previous favorites. The idea for the album came from chats with a producer friend of mine Gage (Evils Reflection) where we both agreed that it would be really fun to remix some of our older songs with newer skills. Also, I went through a dreadful over-compression phase and all of my music was very 1 dimensional. I really badly wanted to remix some of my songs but also provide some new work I had completed as well. 3 and 3 had a nice flow to it, so I went with that. First track on the EP is a remix to Sky is Falling (originally released Apr 2023) that in my humble opinion sounds much more open and dynamic than the original. The second track is a new melodic dubstep track called Samurai. This song has a very protective message, much like Sky is Falling but is a far darker, heavier vibe and features 3 heavy drops. Samurai marks a deliberate move to incorporate more organic elements like pianos and guitars into my bass music. The third track is a fresh take on Bang Bang (originally released Feb 2023), my first official release which is a super heavy dubstep track with some elements of trap mixed in there. 4th song is Enough (My Emotions) which blends a super clean male vocal top line with an upbeat house vibe. This song is a very fun example of mixing house and dubstep styles with cohesion. Definitely not the heaviest song on the EP, but the halftime beat pattern and pumping synths in the drops really gives it that bass music feel. 5th song is Come Back 4 Me, which made the cut because it’s one of my daughter’s absolute favorites. Song has both male and female vocals and features some really melodic portions as well as some more heavy dubstep / bass portions. Since she is my biggest fan, she got to pick one of the songs on the EP! The final track is a new mix of Welcome to My Hell (originally released May 2023) which is my second best performing song all time so far. This project was my first real attempt at mixing rock/metal elements that I love with dubstep, a partnership that is nearly perfect if you ask me. This version removes some of the over-compression issues that were killing the original mix and really brings out the levels to this one. I really hope everyone finds something they like and can vibe with on this EP!
Constantly on the rise, we would like to know of what the future holds for Jordan Savage, always in terms of new music that may be in the works, as well as any scheduled live performances at events or festivals worldwide?
The new music horizon is really exciting for me. I have a melodic bass track signed to Outertone records coming out later this year (shout out Outertone, Jak over there is great, check ‘em out!) I also have a future bass track featuring the beautiful vocals of Jaime Deraz coming soon and a very defiant dubstep project titled With Love (F.U.) coming in the next month which is sort of the juxtaposition of super pretty music combined with heavy bass and very harsh lyrics, it’s a lot of fun! There’s quite a bit of new music waiting to be released that showcases some newer production techniques and I’m really excited to share those projects soon! Also, within the next year, I am working to start performing live shows in the Colorado area. No live performances scheduled yet (hopefully soon) but updates will all be on my website:
Remarkable in every sense of the word, Jordan Savage is well and truly on his way towards global dominance, and as you may have guessed, we are all for it. Destined for greatness, we will be keeping a close eye on Jordan Savage and all his future endeavours within the dance scene, so be sure to check out all the latest news on this fast-rising star, and don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comments section. The EP is now available everywhere here.


Image Credit: Chris Jordan (Press)

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