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Livin’ Joy – Dreamer: Looking Back at the 90s Dancefloor Anthem

The 1990s was an era characterized by its vibrant dance music scene, and one song that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the decade is “Dreamer” by the Euro dance group Livin’ Joy. This iconic track, written and recorded by American singer/songwriter Janice Robinson, not only reached the top of the charts but also left an indelible mark on the world of dance music. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit the achievements, charts, and the incredible impact of “Dreamer.”

Chart-Topping Success

Released in 1995, “Dreamer” quickly became a sensation. It reached the number one spot on both the UK and Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts, solidifying its status as a dancefloor anthem. But “Dreamer” wasn’t just a local hit; it became a global sensation, charting in Australia, Italy, and 24 other countries worldwide.

In the United Kingdom alone, “Dreamer” earned platinum certification, with sales exceeding 600,000 units. The song’s popularity has endured, with over 60,000,000 streams on Spotify to date. The song’s infectious beats, uplifting lyrics, and Janice Robinson’s soulful vocals made it a timeless classic that continues to fill dance floors and evoke nostalgia among fans.

The Story Behind “Dreamer”

The story behind “Dreamer” is as captivating as the song itself. Janice Robinson, the song’s creator, was living in Italy at the time. She was dating an Italian man who had connections with two DJs interested in making a record. Janice’s boyfriend mentioned her singing abilities, leading to a pivotal meeting with the Visnadi brothers, Paolo and Gianni. They handed her a cassette with a piano melody, and the challenge was set – create a song similar to Robin S’s “Show Me Love.”

As Janice and her friend traveled back to Venezia on a train, she played the cassette, and inspiration struck. The lyrics flowed out of her, blending love, life, laughter, and her spiritual upbringing as a preacher’s daughter. With a Sony Walkman in hand, she penned the lyrics that would later become iconic.

Upon arriving at the studio, she recorded the song in just 25 minutes, never expecting the whirlwind that would follow. Janice Robinson, who had initially envisioned herself as a piano ballad singer and songwriter, found herself catapulted into the dance music world.

Dreamer’s Impact

Dreamer” went on to achieve incredible success, launching Janice Robinson into the spotlight and creating Livin’ Joy, a dance act that she laid the foundations for. While the song’s rapid rise to fame was undeniable, Janice’s contract with the group limited her artistic freedom and flexibility, prompting her to pursue a solo career.

However, her journey didn’t stop there. Janice continued to make waves in the music industry with hits like “There Must Be Love” and even made a memorable appearance on The X Factor in 2018, moving Robbie Williams to tears. Later, she collaborated with rapper Jaykae on “Essex Girls,” which features the iconic chorus from “Dreamer” and has amassed over 20 million streams.

Janice Robinson’s enduring talent and contribution to music remain apparent as her version of “Dreamer” with DJ Lodato was featured on the 2023 FIFA Soundtrack. She continues to tour sold-out shows with Ministry Of Sound Classical across the UK, including two recent performances at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

Tina Turner’s Mentorship

As a testament to her incredible journey, Janice Robinson had the opportunity to open for the legendary Tina Turner on her “Twenty Four Seven” farewell tour in 2000. Robinson’s relationship with Turner evolved into mentorship, with Turner becoming a guiding light and fairy godmother to her. Tina Turner’s influence on Janice’s career was immeasurable, and she remains eternally grateful for the opportunities that arose from their connection.

In conclusion, “Dreamer” by Livin’ Joy is not just a 90s dancefloor anthem; it’s a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Janice Robinson’s journey from writing this iconic track on a train to sharing the stage with Tina Turner is a testament to the enduring power of music and the remarkable paths it can lead us on.



Image Credit: Luke Dyson / Provided by JC Media & PR

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