Robbie Williams dance project Lufthaus releases debut album on Armin van Buuren’s label

Lufthaus, the dance project consisting of Robbie Williams, Flynn Francis, and Tim Metcalfe, has unveiled their much-anticipated debut album.

“Highly anticipated by fans and industry tastemakers alike, ‘Visions Volume 1’, the debut album from electronic act Lufthaus, was today released on Armin van Buuren‘s Armada Music. The album is spearheaded by the act’s first collaborative offering: ‘Immortal’, a linkup with British pop sensation Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

‘Visions Volume 1’ signals a new milestone in Lufthaus’ development; what started as a project nurtured during the pandemic, owing to the trio’s love for Berlin’s electronica sound inspired by clubbing days away from the limelight, is now — years on from its inception — a fully fledged player in the genre’s landscape. Its distinct soundscape is attuned to dance floors and early-morning sunrises alike, and was crafted meticulously in studios across the UK, Robbie’s homeland, and Australia, where both Tim and Flynn grew up. This collection is not just a testament to their enduring friendship and synergy, but also to their mutual passion and dedication to electronic music.

Robbie Williams, sharing his excitement about the album back in September, said: “This isn’t just a collection of songs. It’s our heart, our soul and our vision for what electronic music can be.”

Leaning into the album’s moodier, trance-leaning end of the sonic spectrum is ‘Immortal’, a linkup with one of Britain’s foremost pop stars Sophie Ellis-Bextor and featured as the album’s sixth and leading track. Marking the act’s first collaboration with another artist, this club-centric, piano-enriched production explores the darker side of the progressive genre, striking a perfect balance between dance floor prowess and vocal appeal.

“We introduced Sophie to the album project early on, and in light of sharing the mutual love for clubbing days gone by, it made sense to collaborate on a track,” said Lufthaus. “‘Immortal’ is special because it weaves in Sophie’s brilliant vocal performance in a way that augments the track’s sense of timelessness and its nod to our dance floor days.”

‘I’m so excited to be a part of this project,” Sophie Ellis-Bextor added. “When Robbie sent me some of the album a while back, I loved what I heard so when the chance came to collaborate, I was really honoured to be involved. Our song celebrates the importance of club culture and how important it is for people to get together and dance.”

Reflecting on the journey of Lufthaus so far, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe remarked: “We had a lot of fun making this album and that translates into the music. Each track is a sonic chapter in our journey, reflecting the evolution of our friendship and our collective experiences within electronic music.”

‘Visions Volume 1’ is available now via Armada Music. Stream the album below:



Image Credit: Lufthaus (Press) / Provided by Armada PR

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