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Pixelynx partners with Beatport in new BeatKOR AI music collection
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Pixelynx partners with Beatport in new BeatKOR AI music collection

Home Uncategorized Pixelynx partners with Beatport in new BeatKOR AI music collection

New music metaverse portal, Pixelynx, has sealed a new deal with Beatport to unveil a BeatKOR AI music collection. BeatKOR will be Pixelynx’s latest in a growing library of KORs designed to act as digital companions to develop AI-driven music on Pixelynx’s KORUS platform.

KOR companions are a great starting point for rookie DJs as they can tap into licensed music stems and songs within the ‘Artist DNA’. These songs and stems include work from emerging artists like Brux, Jitwam, and Elle Shimada.

Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin are at the cutting edge of the music industry’s future

Pixelynx was co-founded by iconic DJ, deadmau5, who joined forces with Richie Hawtin to launch a decentralized ecosystem where emerging artists can express their ideas while providing a new medium for electronic music fans to connect with innovators.

Deadmau5, the Canadian producer, has been at the heart of the electronic dance music scene for over a decade. His real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, but his stage name has been deadmau5 since the early 2000s. Zimmerman was active in an internet chat room and nicknamed the ‘dead mouse guy’ after telling users he’d found one inside his computer tower.

He introduced the nickname into his new chat room alias, and the rest is history – he’s established himself in electronic music folklore with a unique progressive house and electro-house sound. Through the years, deadmau5 has received no less than six Grammy Award nominations in recognition of his talents.

Earlier this year, he celebrated the release of his ninth studio album, Kx5, in collaboration with Kaskade. His iconic songs recently formed the soundtrack of his very own online slot game, cementing his tracks in the thick of popular culture worldwide.

The deadmau5 slot was developed in collaboration with Microgaming, a pioneering slot studio dating back to the 1990s. The Isle of Man-based developer is considered one of the top 46 slot game studios, and you can find their games at online casinos like Casino Days, which is a fast-growing online casino featuring 5,000+ industry-leading games.

The BeatKOR collection went live on September 13, building on the commercial success of GenKOR, which was the first public KOR allowing creators to remix new tracks with ‘mau5trap’ artists, including Volaris, Lamorn, and Speaker Honey. Creators can save as many as ten of their remixed tracks free of charge.

BeatKOR utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), which is defined by IBM as technology that can “mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind”. Fundamentally, BeatKOR is an AI-led companion with expertise across seven styles of house music inspired by the work of six of Beatport’s most successful artists.


TuneCore and Beatport
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How does the BeatKOR platform work for budding DJs and casual fans?

With BeatKOR, users can unleash their personalized remixes onto the KORUS blockchain, enabling budding producers to showcase their skills while retaining the commercial rights to their tracks. Robb McDaniels, chief executive of The Beatport Group, believes empowering electronic music artists to “shape the narrative” by fostering collaborations with their fans will result in a new era for digital music.

Already, there are 24,600+ unique remixes listed via the OpenSea platform, with each remix listed on the Polygon-backed blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT) which can be acquired using MATIC, the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon blockchain.

The speed of the emergence of AI has led to many fearing its impact on the music industry. Will it put talented musicians and visionary producers out of business? Does it spell the end of the artist-fan engagement as we know it? The entire concept of Pixelynx is geared to usher in a new form of personalization in electronic music, giving artists a fresh opportunity to maximize the value of their tunes directly with their fans.


Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash


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