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Tegel Airport in Berlin repurposed as cultural venue
Tegel Airport
Image Credit: Mike Linksvayer (https://flickr.com/photos/mlinksva/4328174964/in/photolist-7At2Ch-nQtWw6-6qECX7-4zHq8j-2k9ik82-2k7i9qQ-BBKRNN-24ekWng-pUr794-fEp4ZK-fEp5Cg-UeUpDm-7Aph6e-e5wVAn-vM8NYV-vLL7rP-uPTQyD-uPKvBs-vuh7Kk-uPKu8f-vM8NwT-vLL8xr-uPKqdm-vu9PT9-vLaCSf-2k4WM7y-vJs9zA-vLay1b-vLL2iT-vJsczd-vu9R69-vM8PYv-vJsaT7-vu9LvW-vJs77Q-vLavU7-vLL84R-uPTTbx-vu9L7w-uPKpGS-vu9RTb-7At5xU-uPTPaM-vM8U7a-bRieqp-vu9RhQ-vLL8nM-XKzQXj-7At2Qy-GGY8q7)

Tegel Airport in Berlin repurposed as cultural venue

Home Uncategorized Tegel Airport in Berlin repurposed as cultural venue

Tegel Airport has laid dormant since the airport’s closure in November 2020. Now, the hub is being re-used as a cultural venue which recently held its first free event.

Turbulence TXL, formerly Tegel Airport, has opened its doors once again to the public, this time as a venue for the Berlin rave and art culture to find a new home. The space opened up to the public on September 30, 2023, with a free event for members of the public to come and partake in. The venue itself lies in the old canteen area of the airport and accommodates 700 people. Since the closure of the airport, Tegel has not been completely silent. The old airport also hosted the Sonambiente Berlin TXL art festival since its closure as well as a slew of other events while slowly being repurposed as a venue.

The opening party was one for the ravers of the Berlin scene, hosting many artist sets; Mareena, founder of Unrush Records, a back-to-back set with Zebra Katz and S Ruston giving a rap and techno-infused performance for fans, Saraabb, as well as a few other artists that fans are sure to recognize in the Berlin scene. As Turbulence is set to be a multi-faceted venue showcasing many streams of art, the rave was also accompanied by an art exhibit installation bolstering the art of creators such as Honey Beebs, Caro Pepe, and other notable additions.

It is inspiring to see such monuments bolstered in the Berlin community, whether it be landmark sites or European acts. However, the venue itself can lead attendees to some confusion. As such, in preparation for their first event, Turbulence TXL took to their Instagram to give simplified instructions to any fans who may attempt to reach the venue, by multiple modes of travel. From driving to the venue or taking a train, the post has you covered with all the directions required to reach the venue with the least confusion as possible allowing fans to reach their destination in time for any shows or exhibits.

Image Credit: Mike Linksvayer via Flickr | License: CC0 1.0 Deed

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