Tensteps delivers stunning 17 track debut album ‘Infinite’: Listen

Ever since he first debuted on the international stage in 2019 on Armada Music alongside Standerwick and NOHC, American trance producer Tensteps has been working and building to this defining moment where he has released his debut album. Featuring a collection of previously released singles and new tracks, Infinite is a sprawling musical journey that showcases the producer’s attention to detail as well as heartfelt anthems and compositions that reveal the best of his talents.

Since that massive debut, Tensteps has found himself a home on Andrew Rayel’s imprint, Find Your Harmony and his new album marks the first one for the label since transitioning away from its previous title, inHarmony. The build-up and anticipation for the record has only been public knowledge for a few months, but the groundwork has been laid over the past few years as various singles going back to 2021 are included in this new collection, helping listeners gather a full picture of the artist behind the works. Full of uplifting vocal anthems, Infinite is full of incredible collaborators and vocalists who add vibrant color and energy to each track.

Making this album has been such a unique experience for me. I’ve been playing music literally since I was 3 years old. I joined my first band at 13. I’ve made all kinds of music from EDM to metal to country to pop, and through all of it I’ve always done singles, and there was a short EP many years ago in one of my bands. But putting together an entire album, seeing the bigger picture come to life, knowing that there’s a plan and a purpose for every move I make that serves the final product, that’s been incredibly cool.

Amongst his more familiar musical partners on the album are NOHC, Linney, and Amin Salmee, all of whom he has multiple tracks within his vast catalog. Beyond them, new collaborators such as Spencer Newell, Sendr, Sarah de Warren, and Jaime Deraz bring their own touch and inspiration to the music, creating a larger story with fascinating twists and turns across all 17 tracks.

One of the most coolest things about “Infinite” to me is that I finally had the freedom to mix in influences and sounds that were a little too risky to try with a standalone single. You’ll hear some rock elements, some heavy guitars, some acoustic drums. There’s some dubstep influence, some melodic bass influence. There’ s some housier basses in there if you listen close enough. And of course there’s all the uplifting and progressive sounds that fueled my love of electronic music in the first place. It’s a really cool collection of songs where no two of them are the same but there’s a common thread running through them all that ties them into the album.

Having spent much of 2023 on the road alongside his protege, Andrew Rayel, Tensteps has road-tested these tracks all across America and it is finally time to unleash them upon the world.

Image Credit: Tensteps/ Provided by Artist

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