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Calvin Harris & Eliza Rose bring the party on ‘Body Moving’: Listen

It’s been over a decade since Calvin Harris claimed his spot at the top of the electronic music scene, delivering his third album 18 Months that offered a seemingly endless stream of radio hits and festival staples. Now, coming off yet another massive single alongside Ellie Goulding, he joins forces with Eliza Rose for a new single that is as infectious as anything he’s ever produced.

Musically, Body Moving opens with a steady clap and a subtle bed of synths as the powerful voice of Eliza Rose jumps through the speakers, instantly demanding the listener’s attention. While many producers focus on the music and the dance-floor response, Calvin Harris, himself a singer, understands the importance of a great vocal and builds his tracks to accommodate the topline, which is part of the magic that allows him to transition between clubs and the radio so effortlessly. By the time Rose delivers the chorus refrain, singing “Bodies movin’ like no one’s around,” listeners are already singing along and Harris gets to show off more of his production prowess.

Like most of his catalog, Harris doesn’t separate the drop from the chorus, but instead meshes them together, adding massive bass and synths under the hook, and then expertly replacing phrases from the chorus with a brass horn melody. The effect is massive and elevates the entire track, blurring the lines between pop and electronic dance music once again. Following up on his already two massive hits in 2023, Desire with Sam Smith and Miracle Ellie Goulding, Harris sounds re-energized and focused on reclaiming his spot on top of the music charts. Check out Body Moving below as Calvin Harris continues to craft some of the strongest and most infectious music in the genre.


Image Credit: Calvin Harris (Press) / Provided by Wynn Nightlife

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