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Hardwell revives Tomcraft trance classic ‘Loneliness’ in DJs From Mars & Tomcraft collab: Listen

Prepare for the resurrection of a dance music masterpiece! Dutch sensation Hardwell, the enigmatic cosmic duo DJs From Mars, and the iconic producer Tomcraft have united their talents to give a fresh spin to Tomcraft’s unforgettable 2002 hit, ‘Loneliness.’ This blast from the past hit the airwaves via NITRON, Sony Music Germany’s electronic label, on November 3rd, igniting a nostalgic journey that rekindles the magic of a timeless classic.

Back in 2002, ‘Loneliness’ won the hearts of dance music aficionados worldwide. With its robust bassline and infectious melody, cleverly incorporating a sample from R&B singer Andrea Martin‘s 1999 single ‘Share the Love,’ Tomcraft’s ‘Loneliness’ soared into the Top 10 of international singles and club charts, dominating charts in countries like Australia, Belgium, Germany, and even seizing the coveted No.1 spot in the UK.

Now, this triumvirate of Hardwell, DJs From Mars, and Tomcraft are transporting fans back to the heyday of electronic dance music, injecting a modern twist into one of the genre’s most iconic tracks. The 2023 rendition of ‘Loneliness’ promises to seamlessly blend Hardwell‘s signature mainstage sound with DJs From Mars‘ electrifying mash-up energy, while retaining the high-octane grooves that made Tomcraft the original mastermind behind ‘Loneliness.’

By merging their unique styles, this revamped version aims to reignite the spirit that made ‘Loneliness’ an anthem of its time while delivering a sound that appeals to both seasoned dance music enthusiasts and a new generation of listeners. Leading up to the release date, Hardwell gave the single its world premiere on his newly launched radio show, Hardwell On Air, adding to the anticipation for this fresh take on a track that has indelibly marked the global dance music landscape over the past two decades.

Discussing the collaboration, the dance music pioneer Hardwell commented, “Reviving a classic like ‘Loneliness,’ beloved by so many fans, is always an exciting journey. The result of this new perspective on the track is a fantastic fusion of our styles, and I can’t wait for our fans to experience it on the dancefloor. I’m sure they’ll love it!”

DJs From Mars, renowned for their imaginative and genre-blurring approach to dance music, also expressed their anticipation for the project: “This release is undoubtedly a pinnacle of our career! Collaborating with Hardwell is an honor, as he’s one of the biggest DJs in the world and has been an inspiration for us since day one. Creating this collaboration on one of our all-time favorite club tracks, ‘Loneliness’ by Tomcraft, makes it even more special for us; we’re extremely excited about this one!”

This fresh perspective on a classic anthem is sure to set dance floors ablaze with incredible energy once again. ‘Loneliness,’ reimagined by Hardwell, DJs From Mars, and Tomcraft, is now available on NITRON, Sony Music Germany’s dance label. Click here to listen.


Image Credit: Hardwell (Press) / Loneliness (Artwork)

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