Lilly Palmer

Lilly Palmer drops a techno journey beyond boundaries with ‘My Fantasy’: Listen

Lilly Palmer forges a profound connection with her global audience through the release of her latest track and music video, “My Fantasy.” As a techno luminary, Palmer, alongside her husband Egbert, showcases a rare dual talent on both stage and in the studio, exemplified by her latest creation.

Originating from Zurich, Palmer has ascended to become a standout name in today’s techno scene. Her versatility shines as brightly on the mainstage of festivals like Tomorrowland as it does in the depths of underground techno bunkers. Devoted to crafting her distinctive sound, Palmer dedicates countless hours in the studio, resulting in a chart-topping discography.

My Fantasy,” her most recent offering, delves into accessible and eclectic sounds within the techno genre, revealing yet another facet of Palmer‘s intricate productions. This peaktime mainstage anthem pulsates with an upbeat, high-energy tempo, featuring Palmer‘s unmistakable vocals beckoning listeners to “Come with me in my fantasy.”

Accompanied by an exclusive music video, this softer techno approach follows her previous hit, “We Control.” Inspired by TikTok trends, the video features Palmer on the beach, eschewing AI-generated armor for a unique visual narrative. Despite the challenges faced during the shoot, Palmer believes the hype surrounding the song is attributed to its vocals and the video, stimulating imagination in a positive way.

As a trailblazer in the ever-evolving techno scene, Lilly Palmer is set to make an indelible mark on the global electronic music landscape. Her dedication, pursuit of perfection, and innate ability to connect with her audience distinguish her as a true visionary. A major player in today’s global electronic music scene, Lilly Palmer embodies passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark on the techno landscape and enchanting audiences worldwide with her unparalleled ability.

Check Lilly Palmer’s new release below:





Image Credit: Lilly Palmer (Press) / Provided by The Media Nanny

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