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Pendulum deliver sprawling new ‘Anima’ EP: Listen

Drum and bass icons Pendulum have continued to build upon their iconic sound with their recent singles, Colourfast and Halo, and have now released the complete four-track EP, Anima. With the additional tracks Mercy Killing and Silent Spinner, the group has once again confirmed their status as genre leaders.

Released on the heels of Pendulum delivering an unlikely, yet incredible cover of the Taylor Swift smash hit Anti Hero, the group has flexed their own creative muscles across the four tracks of Anima. Expanding upon the hard-hitting lead single Halo, and the beautiful composition of Colourfast, the group’s next single, Mercy Killing finds them teaming up with Scarlxrd for a sonic bombardment of sound and style that is unrelenting yet inescapably catchy and inviting. Rob Swire details the circumstances and excitement that came from the session with the UK hip-hop phenom:

“We generally get bored very easily and suffer from artistic ADHD, so when the opportunity came through to work with an artist as different as Scarlxrd, we jumped at the chance. We met on a chilly afternoon in March and set Ableton to a whopping 184 bpm, a tempo so shocking that we’d surely be thrown in the gulag if drum’n’bass was a totalitarian regime. It very quickly became clear that Scar was one of our favourite people that we’ve ever had in the studio. He’s pure energy. Nothing was off-limits. Trap verse? Let’s do it. Slightly-more-pop-punk-than-usual chorus? Fuck it, let’s go. Hell, at some point even “Be My Lover” by La Bouche was in there somewhere and we had to delete it out of concern for public safety (and also the impending copyright issues).

Closing out the collection is the haunting and introspectively dark Silent Spinner. As Swire sings about the struggles of everyday life and inner turmoil, the group provides a pulsing soundtrack, that digs into the listener’s psyche.

‘Silent Spinner’ is one of the darker tracks we’ve done. For optimal listening experience, try moving to London and listen to it at 3 a.m. when you’re having a bad week and you’ve just been splashed by a bus.”

With the group preparing to embark upon their largest UK arena tour in a decade next year, Garreth McGrillen will kick off the initial post-release celebrations, delivering a Pendulum DJ set on November 10th at Home Bass Festival in Orlando, FL. Check out the incredible new release below as the group prepares to spend much of 2024 on the road, bringing the incredible energy of Pendulum live to their global fanbase.

Image Credit: Andrew Cotterill / Provided by Jack Beadle PR

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