Solarstone celebrates the 10th anniversary of Pure Trance with the latest volume

During its decade-long journey, the albums of Pure Trance have undergone collaborative mixing by various renowned artists such as Bryan Kearney, Orkidea, Activa, Sneijder, Stoneface & Terminal, Gai Barone, and Giuseppe Ottaviani, to name a few. However, for its monumental tenth installment, Richard Mowatt decided to shoulder the entire responsibility himself.

PTV10 stands out as a ‘Solostone‘ affair, and Solarstone, discussing this milestone, expressed, “The number 10 seemed like a sort of punctuation point, which is why I decided to fully take the reins of this 3-disc edition and curate, compile, and mix it myself.” Across the three discs, he aimed to mirror the flow of a Pure Trance show, spanning the genres of Pure Progressive, Breaks, Trance, and NEON. Solarstone emphasized the celebration of the journey and emotion of Trance music, thanking the Pure Trance community for being a vital part of the movement.

Behind the scenes, the production of Pure Trance albums has always been a complex undertaking, but ’10’ takes it to another level. Solarstone utilized a meticulous process of ‘stem mixing‘ to fine-tune each track and ensure flawless and seamless transitions throughout the album.

The journey through PTV10 begins with Robert Nickson‘s mix of Stoneface & Terminal‘s ‘Lose My Need,’ setting the tone for Disc 1. Highlights include Solarstone‘s ‘Arpeggiator Shards,’ a blend of ‘Shards‘ and Jean-Michel Jarre‘s ‘Arpeggiator,’ and the return of EVE Records legend Pablo Gargano with ‘The Breeze.’ As the mix progresses, Sherpa‘s remake of Cass & Slide‘s ‘Perception‘ adds atmospheric depth.

Disc 2 opens with Allende‘s ‘Fading Light,’ followed by Temple One‘s ‘As The Sun Breaks‘ and Greg Murray‘s reformation of ‘Sun is High.’ The energetic vibes continue with Factoria‘s elevation of Bjorn Akesson‘s ‘Language.’

Disc 3, introduced by Wavetraxx‘s ‘Million Miles To Go,’ features Solarstone‘s collaborative alias 892NOW with ‘Felt‘ and Super-Frog Saves Tokyo‘s ‘Reactivate.’ The journey concludes with a loop-back to the starting point, SF&T‘s ‘Lose My Need.’

Pure Trance‘s landmark tenth release, spanning 45 tracks over 240 minutes, showcases Solarstone‘s dedication and passion for the genre. PTV10 is a fittingly fine milestone release, available for purchase or streaming since Nov 3.

In reflecting on the Pure Trance journey, Solarstone emphasizes that for him, it boils down to four simple words: ‘knowing your own mind.’ When faced with the popification of the genre in 2010, he made the crucial decision to commit to Pure Trance, turning it from a one-off show into a global series of events and festivals. The movement, now approaching its 400th radio episode and with nearly 300 releases on its record label, has become a fully-fledged force, inspiring new artists and influencing established names to stay true to the essence of Trance music.

Stream Solarstone’s Pure Trance Vol.10 here.


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