Home Uncategorized Tim Qualls releases new single ‘History’ an ode to long-term love: Listen
Tim Qualls releases new single ‘History’ an ode to long-term love: Listen
Tim Qualls
Image Credit: Tim Qualls (Press)

Tim Qualls releases new single ‘History’ an ode to long-term love: Listen

Home Uncategorized Tim Qualls releases new single ‘History’ an ode to long-term love: Listen

Houston native Tim Qualls is ready to show the world how he feels. His debut album, titled Feel, comes out on October 20, 2023. Ahead of the album, Qualls has released three singles that showcase his soulful style. The latest of these singles, “History,” is dedicated to Qualls’ relationship with his wife and an ode to everlasting love. 

On “History,” Qualls explores the alternative pop genre. Mixing piano balladry with synth and the energy of pop music, Qualls creates a unique sound on the track. The layered instrumentals, crisp vocals, and poetic lyrics give listeners a glimpse into Qualls’ relationship and deep love for his wife. Qualls describes the song as, “a uniquely grounded homage to long-term relationships and the unwavering trust that exists within a partnership.” The song details how moments of hardship can bring people closer together, and the tenacity of long-term relationships.

“History” is the third of Qualls’ three singles from Feel, after “Grave” and “Forever.” “History” was released on September 29th and is currently available to listen to on all major streaming platforms. The song was released in conjunction with an official visual, available to view on Qualls’ YouTube channel. His 7,000 Instagram followers responded favorably to the song, posting encouraging comments on his posts. 

Qualls describes himself as an alt-pop artist who delivers rootsy soul music. He cites Ray Charles, Jamie Cullum, and John Mayer as some of his biggest musical influences. He is often inspired by topics like family and heartache but explores a positive outlook on these experiences. Qualls was awarded the Best New Act award by Houston Press and is known in the area for being a soul artist who croons on the piano. His musical style has been compared to that of Adele, Sam Smith, and Ryan Tedder. Qualls’ songs have been added to several popular Spotify playlists like Life Sucks, Dinner Music, Soulful Blend, and Cozy Blend.

Qualls’ musical journey began in 2010 with the release of his EP, This is Our Land. After attending Sam Houston State as a music student, Qualls was greatly influenced by local music in Houston. He frequented open mics in the area and won the school’s Battle of the Bands in 2008. His second EP was a collaboration with his friend Jay Snider called The Melancholy Sessions. Qualls released a third EP in 2016 called Say You Love Me which was influenced by classic R&B and soul music. He followed this up with a fourth project called Beautiful Kind of World, released in 2019. Feel will mark the release of Qualls’ first full-length album.

Tim Qualls is an artist to watch. He is already well known in the Houston music scene, which has produced some of the world’s most famous artists like Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion. After honing his personal style and working hard to continuously release new music, Qualls is ready to take his career to the next level. With the release of his debut album, Qualls will be launched to a new level of fame. “History” is just the beginning for Qualls.




Image Credit: Tim Qualls (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

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