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Christmas truly has come early for Spotify users with the world's most popular streaming service giving their users the gift of 'Spotify wrapped', the yearly breakdown of all listening habits, including your most played song, most played artists, which genre you grooved to the most, and even how many exact minutes you spent on the app this year. The incredible '2018

The King of music streaming services, Spotify, is beginning to open uploading to artists directly – and they’re doing it for free. At the moment, the feature is an invite-only beta for users of its Spotify For Artists platform. Roughly 200,000 artists are counted in the platform at this time. Music Business Worldwide makes the necessary comparison to SoundCloud, which has reigned king

One of SoundCloud's rivals in the lucrative music streaming business, Mixcloud, has signed a licensing deal with Warner Music. The main outcome of the remarkable deal allows the streaming platform to start a subscription business, now offering music of Warner artists. At the same time, the deal will offer listeners a more on-demand service. Mixcloud is also still negotiating similar