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Paul Bingham is one of the biggest DJ success stories to come out of South Africa. Being the only South African DJ to have held successful residencies at Amnesia and Privilege in the party island Ibiza, he has made his permanent mark on the world but that hasn't stopped him in any way to want to continue to strive for even more success. Being

South African DJ, Paul Bingham returns to his imprint, Avantinova Recordings with a tribute to the world's largest festival; Tomorrowland. Bingham's latest release, which shares the same name as the illustrious festival, is ready and has arrived just in time for the big event. The track kicks off with gradually ascending synths, backed by double-tracked female vocals, before transitioning to the first drop, where

Paul Bingham, a name known to many as one of the most successful South African DJ’s to date with the only one having held a residency at Amnesia & Privilege in Ibiza, is back with a cracking new single, 'Come Back Down'. A Big Room track with a driving take on the classic 1990 Salt N Pepper hit, 'Push It'. Kicking off

Making a name for himself in his home country of South Africa, Paul Bingham has been catching the attention of some of the industry’s biggest names over the past number of years. From his explosive debut album to his residencies in numerous nightclubs, Bingham has been impressing with both his production skills in the studio and his energetic live sets on stage.

Paul Bingham continues his remarkable run as a music producer with yet another must-hear track. Showcasing his prowess once again, the South African artist is back with a hard-hitting electro house production called "Lose Yourself To This", which will undoubtedly dominate the festival and club scenes this summer. Based from Johannesburg, Bingham is currently one of the most successful DJ's in