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A recently announced change in DHL policy will have a massive impact on the cost of shipping vinyl records both domestically as well as internationally for individuals and stores residing in Germany.  Effective July 1st, DHL has opted to downsize their Warenpost International packaging from 35 cm to 25 cm, meaning that a 12" vinyl no longer fits in the

Over in the United States, album sales have plummeted amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic and figures show they are lowest they have been in over 60 years. Although you might still think the numbers are pretty high, only an estimated 1.52 million albums were sold during the week starting March 19th, according to entertainment media brand Billboard. They have recognised that both

Martin Garrix recently released a statement via facebook, stating that he was severing ties with long time record label, Spinnin' Records. In light of this, Spinnin' has just released a statement in response to what Martin seems to have possibly misconstrued. We regret to inform that the highly successful cooperation between Martin Garrix (Martijn Garritsen), Spinnin' Records and MusicAllStars Management has