ableton 11.3 MPE

Latest Ableton Live Update Introduces MPE & new Synth

Ableton Live is a vastly popular digital audio workstation used by musicians, producers, and DJs for composing, recording, and performing music. Ableton’s latest 11.3 update is currently available to be downloaded for free (for current owners of an Ableton Live license) in its beta stage. This latest update introduces its users to a new level of control and articulation; Midi Polyphonic Expression.


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For those who are new to MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), it is a MIDI protocol that allows for expressive control over each note in a polyphonic performance. What sets MPE apart from traditional MIDI files is that it sends a single set of messages for all notes played on a channel, MPE enables each note to be controlled separately, with its own set of MIDI messages. You might be asking yourself; what’s the practical application of this technology in my day-to-day productions? MPE allows for advanced playing techniques such as note bending, vibrato, and other expressive nuances to be applied to individual notes in a chord or melody, rather than affecting the entire performance. MPE-compatible controllers (Such as ROLI Seaboard, Erae Touch, and Osmose) use multiple channels to send and receive these messages, enabling more precise and nuanced control over a polyphonic performance.


This Ableton Live update includes a brand new MPE-capable soft synthesizer entitled Drift. Drift creates unique evolving, textured sounds using a blend of granular and wavetable synthesis. The synth features an easy-to-use, minimal interface. In addition, MPE capability has been added to 4 stock instruments; Analog, Collision, Electric, and Tension. With cutting-edge MPE integration and enhanced soft synthesizer capabilities, the 11.3 update represents a major step forward for music production software. Download Ableton 11.3 here.




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