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Arturia Summer Sale: Best deals on Plugins, Instruments & More [2023]

The renowned software and hardware synthesizer manufacturer is offering a generous 50% discount on individual software instruments, plugins, effects, and sound banks until August 15th, 2023. Some of Arturia’s most acclaimed software instruments are included in the sale, such as Pigments, a multi-engine exploration synthesizer that unlocks boundless creative potential, and Mini V, an analog emulation that exudes timeless charm. The SQ80 V, with its grainy digital character, and the Stage-73 V, renowned for its authentic bark and bite, are just a glimpse of some deals available at discounted prices. Our top picks from the Arturia Summer sale are:


Instrument Plugins


Analog Lab V

Arturia’s Analog Lab V is a versatile plugin that provides instant access to a vast array of iconic synth and keyboard sounds, drawing from the acclaimed V Collection. With smart-filter browsing and faithfully emulated classics, users can easily explore vintage and modern presets to breathe new life into their mixes. Whether a producer, performer, sound designer, or vintage synth enthusiast, Analog Lab V offers inspiration with its extensive sound library. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, with intelligently mapped parameters and macro controls for creative sound shaping on the go.




Pigments 4

Pigments is a versatile softsynth VST from Arturia’s Polychrome Software Synthesizer lineup. With Pigments, you can effortlessly create any sound, from modern mix-ready presets to personalized sonic designs, catering to your unique style. Craft ultra-fat, soul-stirring sounds quickly with its user-friendly interface, color-coded modulation, and expressive macros. Pigments simplifies synthesis and sound design, offering a delightful exploration of the infinite spectrum of sound with its curated presets, making it a powerful yet accessible software synthesizer. Definitely one of the top picks from the Arturia 2023 summer sale.




OB-Xa was a highly sought-after synth in its time, and Arturia has intelligently enhanced it with carefully thought-out features. The pioneering stereo spread immerses listeners in sound movement, while the arpeggiator generates expressive patterns. The LFO’s increased flexibility allows for in-depth sound design and added excitement. With continuous cross-modulation, the oscillators create metallic tones, akin to the original OB-X hardware. Moreover, the oscillator mix in the filter section provides ample control to achieve desired results. Arturia’s implementation ensures the synth is now more intelligent, intuitive, and inspiring to use.



MiniFreak V

MiniFreak V is an experimental virtual instrument that harmoniously blends digital voices with modeled analog filters, spontaneous modulation, and playing sequencing, offering an array of sweet spots between the familiar and the unheard, order and chaos, beauty and beast. This accessible softsynth ensures quick and inspiring results, granting effortless control over sound engines, filters, modulation, and expression. With full hybrid synthesizer power directly integrated into your DAW, MiniFreak V surpasses hardware limitations, allowing multiple instances, parameter automation, and total sound flexibility. It offers an eclectic range of sounds, from FM bass to cinematic brass pads, bit-crushed white noise mechanisms, and wavetable leads, captivating users with untamed sonic character and uncharted sound design depth.



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FX Plugins 



Dist COLDFIRE is a cutting-edge dual-engine distortion effect, blending analog and digital algorithms for a wide range of sonic possibilities. With deep modulation and customization options, musicians can shape their sound from rich tube saturation to intense sonic destruction effortlessly. By combining 11 distortion types and custom routing with modulation, artists can achieve completely unique and personalized distortion effects. Dist COLDFIRE empowers users to transform simple grooves into complex, crushed resonances, bringing instruments, vocals, and loops to life in new and exciting ways. The potential for sonic alchemy and creativity is boundless with this powerful distortion tool.




Efx FRAGMENTS is a powerful software effect that unleashes the potential of granular processing. Effortlessly divide, transform, and reconstruct any sound, elevating your projects with glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, and experimental textures. This tool breathes life, musicality, and character into your audio, offering intricate new textures from rhythmic stutter effects to cloudy reverb shimmers. Efx FRAGMENTS makes granular synthesis more flexible, accessible, and musical than ever, responding creatively to your track’s rhythm for glitchy beats, fractured textures, and flowing percussive sequences. Explore a world of instant inspiration with Efx FRAGMENTS.



Rev LX-24

Rev LX-24 is an upgraded virtual replica of the iconic retro ambience box that has defined reverb for a generation. With its vintage digital sound, this reverb plugin adds real-feeling space, cave-depth atmosphere, and subtly-sparkling texture to your mixes in seconds. It remains true to the rich reverb while offering inspiring surprises along the way. With its meticulously reanimated design, including faders and clicky buttons, Rev LX-24 is the definitive digital reverb you need for your DAW.



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That’s all for our Arturia summer sales on plugins for music producers in 2023. We’ll keep you updated as new deals pop up so make sure to check this list regularly!

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