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ELEVVEN break down how they made “ARTY – The Wall (Remode)” | In the Studio with WRY Tech

For the next edition of In The Studio, we have progressive house maestro ELEVVEN. The series aims to help budding music producers learn from professionals by providing an exclusive look into the gear, software, workflow, and thinking behind some of the latest and greatest tunes in dance music. 


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ELEVVEN, a successful progressive house duo, break down their remix of ARTY’s “The Wall” into its individual components, explaining the production techniques and software used to create each element. The tutorial begins with a breakdown of the track’s drum programming, demonstrating how the different elements work together to create a solid foundation for the rest of the track. ELEVVEN then moves on to the melodic elements, explaining the thought process behind their sound selection and arrangement.


The video also covers topics such as mixing, mastering, and effects processing, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire production process. ELEVVEN offers valuable tips and tricks throughout the video, demonstrating how to achieve a professional-sounding mix and master using a variety of software tools.


One of the strengths of this video is its accessibility. ELEVVEN uses a variety of software tools, including Ableton Live, Serum, and FabFilter plugins, but they take the time to explain how each tool works and why they chose to use it. This makes the tutorial useful for producers of all skill levels, regardless of their chosen DAW or software toolkit.


We have also compiled a list of plugins ELEVVEN used in the track breakdown:

1. FabFilter Pro Q3

2. Waves C6

3. ShaperBox 2

4. Serum

5. Decimort 2

6. Brainworx Black Box  

7. Cytomic Glue  

8. Waves Enigma  

9. iZotope Ozone

10. WavesFactory Trackspacer  

11. LFO Tool

12. Distressor 

13. Valhalla  

14. Soundtoys EchoBoy  

15. Faturator  

16. VocalSynth2  

17. Brainworx Bx3    

18. Waves Linear Phase EQ  

19. SirAudioTools Standard Clip

20. SPL Transient Shaper 



Ready to see how ELEVVEN made “ARTY – The Wall (Remode)”? Watch the second video in our In The Studio series below!



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Image credits: ELEVVEN(Press) / provided by Enhanced

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