Be@rbrick Audio 400% Bluetooth Speaker by Medicom Toys. Image Credits: Medicom Toys

Be@rbrick Launches Surprisingly Advanced Bluetooth Speaker

Be@rbrick is launching a Bluetooth Speaker which is a unique blend of collectible toy figurine and high-tech audio system. Designed in collaboration between Medicom Toy and Rinaro Isodynamics, this speaker goes beyond aesthetics, boasting impressive features that will elevate your audio experience. At first glance, the Be@rbrickAudio appears to be a charming collectible toy figurine. Inside the bear lies the powerful QUAD’360 system, capable of projecting omnidirectional sound, enveloping you in a rich and immersive audio environment. What’s even more exciting is that you can take two of these bears and create a wireless stereo setup. By pairing them together, you can enjoy an even more expansive soundstage, making your listening experience truly exceptional.


To achieve this exceptional audio quality, the design team meticulously crafted the Be@rbrick Audio. Each bear’s ears house specially designed 20mm tweeters, while the head contains dual 40mm woofers, hermetically sealed for optimal acoustic clarity. The result of over 20,000 hours of development, the speaker is composed of 214 newly designed individual parts. The QUAD’360 technology, developed by Ukrainian manufacturer Rinaro Isodynamics, ensures that every corner of the room is filled with balanced sound, leaving no dead zones in its wake. While the Be@rbrick Audio 400% Bluetooth Speaker is indeed a collectible item, its functionality remains a top priority. The internal lithium-ion battery is replaceable, allowing you to keep the bear in action for years to come. Charging the battery via the USB-C port at the unit’s base takes only 1.5 hours, providing approximately 6 hours of uninterrupted playback, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite tunes without interruption.


Setting up the bear is easy, thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. Easily pair them with your iOS or Android devices and create your personalized stereo system by connecting the speakers to each other. For collectors and audiophiles alike, the Be@rbrick Audio 400% Bluetooth Speaker is an irresistible addition. Currently available for pre-order at $499, these limited edition variants are expected to start shipping in November.


Join the waitlist for the Be@rbrick Audio 400% Bluetooth Speaker here.


Image Credits: Medicom Toys

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