Best plugins of April 2022

Best Plugins of the month: April 2022

Every month of the year new plugins are developed suitable for every process of music production. Large plugin companies such as iZotope, Universal Audio, SSL, and Waves are always in search of new technology to incorporate into their latest developments. It can be a hassle to follow the latest news about new plugins, that’s why we’ve made a list for the month of April. Down below you’ll find the top 5 of the best plugins for April 2022.


Best Plugins of the month: April 2022


1. United for Peace Charity Bundle

In aid of the affected citizens in Ukraine during the ongoing war with Russia, Plugin Boutique compiled some amazing plugins into this exclusive bundle. A combination of plugins from iZotope, SineVibes, Native Instruments, and Cableguys are included such as NI Hybrid keys, iZotope Nectar Elements, Cableguys Timeshaper 2, and SineVibes Droplet v2.




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2. Usynth DELUXE

Usynth is a virtual synth including a wide range of soulful synth sounds, 100 synth modes, onboard sequences, and more than 80 finisher presets to finalize your sounds. This DELUXE plugin is suitable for RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, and much more.



3. HalfTime by Cableguys

HalfTime is true to its name as it stretches the incoming signal into a downtempo version of itself. Choose between 9 different stretch features, set a fade in and fade out, use the band split to affect only a certain part of the frequency spectrum, and choose between 3 different modes: 1,5x (triplet rhythms), 2x (half-speed), and 4x (quad-time playback).



4. Baby Audio Crystalline

This algorithmic reverb gives you full control over shaping the reverb reflections, through many built-in features. Its interface is divided into 6 sections: reflections, start/end, clean-up, depth, output, and shape. Shape the reverb’s reflections, choose your favorite start and decay times, clean up the reverb, choose the depth of the reverb, and shape the tone, smoothness, and transients.



5. Robotic Bean Portatron

Portatron is a 4-track tape recorder offering you all of the classic features from the original piece of gear. Layer up to 4 different samples, add classic tape sounds to it (wobble, noise, dropouts, and start/stop lag), choose your favorite tape speed (0-200%), shape the sample through the Tape Editor (resize, move, reverse, or repeat), and finish the sounds off with built-in reverb, delay, drive, EQ, level, and panning.




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Image Credits: Plugin Boutique


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