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Blanke breaks down how he made “Talk To You (feat. Sofia Quinn)” | In the Studio with WRY Tech

For the next edition of In The Studio, we have future bass maestro Blanke. The series aims to help budding music producers learn from professionals by providing an exclusive look into the gear, software, workflow, and thinking behind some of the latest and greatest tunes in dance music. 


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Blanke, the producer known for bending genres, has just released a new emotionally-charged single called “Talk To You (feat. Sofia Quinn)” on Monstercat Instinct. Blending elements of progressive house, trance chords, and synths with his signature midtempo stylings, the track is sure to ignite festival crowds with its hopeful and uplifting bass melodies. Featuring powerful vocals by Sofia Quinn, the song arrives shortly after Blanke’s performance at Beyond Wonderland and is expected to be a hit during his upcoming sets at Lollapalooza, HARD Summer, and more.


In the track breakdown video, Blanke goes in depth through every part of his song covering all aspects such as mixing, mastering, and effects processing, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire production process. He emphasized the importance of experimenting with different sounds and techniques to create a unique sound, including using analog synthesizers and manipulating live recordings. Blanke also discussed his collaborative process with Quinn, highlighting the importance of communication and trust in bringing a project to fruition. Overall, Blanke’s attention to detail and willingness to push creative boundaries resulted in the production of an emotionally charged and captivating track.


We have also compiled a list of plugins Blanke used in the track breakdown:

1. Pro Q3

2. Serum

3. Massive

4. Little AlterBoy

5. ShaperBox 2

6. Omnisphere

7. Valhalla SuperMassive


9. Synapse Legend

10. Valhalla Room

11. Sylenth1

12. DUNE 3



Ready to see how Blanke made “Talk To You (feat. Sofia Quinn)”? Watch the next video in our In The Studio series below!




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Image credits: [left] Blanke(Press), [right] Sofia Quinn(Press) / Provided by Monstercat

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