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Review: Blinders Producer Pack for STMPD CREATE

The Blinders Producer Pack is now available on STMPD Create, the STMPD RCRDS marketplace platform for producers looking to elevate their skillset. Blinders is an esteemed DJ and music producer whose captivating sound has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. He is from Poland and has become synonymous with high-energy performances and genre-defying productions. He has performed at renowned venues and festivals, including Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and Creamfields, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the electronic music realm. Blinders’ talent and original sound caught the attention of industry tastemakers and led to successful collaborations with Martin Garrix, Afrojack, & TV Noise.



The Blinders Producer Pack provides an extensive selection of 300+ Signature Samples (including Kicks, Claps, Percussions, FX, One-shots, Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Synths, and Atmospheres). These samples have been expertly processed to deliver maximum impact and clarity, allowing you to create powerful, punchy beats. Additionally, the pack offers a plethora of melodic elements, such as synth loops, basslines, and chord progressions, which will elevate your tracks to new heights. What sets this sample pack apart is the attention to detail. Each sample has been carefully labeled and organized, making it easy to navigate and find the perfect sound for your project. Furthermore, the pack includes MIDI files and 25+ Presets (for Serum, Sylenth, and FM8), enabling you to customize and tweak the sounds to fit your unique style and vision.


In addition to the unique sample content, the Blinders Producer Pack also provides valuable production tips and tricks. Blinders generously share his insights and techniques with a 151-minute, in-depth masterclass, allowing you to learn from one of the industry’s brightest talents with the video walkthrough of his track “Leaving”. Users are given the ability to download the video in both HD and 4KdefinitionIn addition, the original project file is included (for Ableton, Logic X, and FL Studio). These resources offer invaluable guidance, helping refine your skills and unlock your creative potential. By showcasing professional-level tips and techniques, the Masterclass equips viewers with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement these strategies in their own productions, ultimately elevating their music to new heights. The masterclass is arguably the most valuable asset in the pack.


The STMPD Blinders Producer Pack allows users to explore Blinders’ unique style and production methods, while also inspiring their own creative process. With its vast collection of professional-grade samples ranging from synth atmospheres to one-of-a-kind sound effects, the pack serves as a valuable educational resource, allowing users to deconstruct and analyze the intricacies of Blinders’ sound. At the same time, it helps users to cultivate their artistic side by equipping them with the required tools to create their own personal sound. This promotes exploration and encourages innovation in their musical pursuits. Blinders is primarily recognized for his Electro House music, but his pack offers exceptional versatility across different EDM genres.  While experimenting with the pack, it showcased a remarkable array of powerful drum sounds, infusing the tracks with a surge of energy, while its meticulously crafted synth presets effortlessly delivered captivating tones, melodies, and textures that seamlessly integrated with the distinctive characteristics of each genre. It is broken down into 5 main folders (Bass, Drum, Effects, Presets, and Synths). Each subfolder is filled with a plethora of tools and resources. The pack incorporates the expected signature Blinders sounds, while introducing unexpected surprises in the form of unique and unconventional elements. The extensive library of folders within the pack instantly sparked a wave of creative inspiration, offering a wide array of possibilities and ideas to explore.


If you act fast, a Deluxe Edition of the collection includes a 1-hour video call with Blinders to offer mentoring on your productions and feedback on your music. The deluxe edition is limited to 25 units, so time is of the essence if you are interested. In conclusion, The Blinders Producer Pack’s attention to detail and versatility make it a valuable asset for both beginners and experienced producers. With its versatile range of carefully crafted samples, expert production advice, and Blinders’ personal touch, this pack is a must-have for any electronic music producer looking to elevate their tracks to the next level. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your productions and learn how to boost your music to the next level. Get your hands on the Blinders Producer Pack today and experience the future of electronic music production.



The sample pack is priced at €99.00.


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DJ/Producer from the United States. - University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA. Opened for Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Justin Bieber, and Lil Uzi Vert.