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Best Early Black Friday Deals on AU & VST Plugins for Music Producers 2022

Black friday & Cyber Monday 2022 is just a few weeks away. As the date approaches, the entire music industry is preparing for the best sales. We don’t want you to miss out on the best early bargains, which are already underway. The top early Black Friday discounts, sales, and offers for AU & VST plugins for 2022 are listed here. The finest Black Friday offers on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, and courses are listed on our dedicated Black Friday landing page, so be sure to check it out as well.


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Best Early Black Friday Deals on AU/VST Plugins for Music Production 2022


1. Moog Black Friday Sale

The Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are a redesign of the iconic analog effects pedals from Moog, bringing to your digital music creation environment the legendary tone, musicality, and interconnection of the original hardware effects. The Moogerfooger Fx bundle is currently available for 40% off during their special Black Friday Sale. Definitely, one of our top early Black Friday Deals to watch out for.


Check out Moogerfooger fx plugin bundle in action down below:

2. Baby Audio Black Friday Sale

Baby Audio has a catalog of 8 plugins namely Crystalline, TAIP, Smooth Operator: Spaced Out, Super VHS, Parallel Aggressor, Comeback Kid & I Heart NY. All of them come in at a very affordable price tag and catering to the pristine quality they offer, they are much more worth than their official price tag. Definitely, one of our top early Black Friday Deals to watch out for.


Check out Baby Audio’s latest plugin Crystalline in action down below:


3. Solid State Logic (SSL) Black Friday Sale 

Save 80% on the whole line of SSL Fusion processors, which were all designed to replicate the detail, warmth, and refinement offered by its legendary hardware counterpart, the analogue SSL Fusion, for a very short period of time only. Our top picks from Solid State Logic Black Friday sale are the Fusion HF Compressor, Stereo Imager and Transformer.


4. Softube Black Friday Sale

This sale includes a wide range of Softube vst plugins. Save up to 67% off their flagship plugins such as Tape, Weiss Deess, Parallels, Amp Room upgrades, and loads more. This sale is running until November 20, 2022.



Check out some of the best Softube plugins in action down below:




5. Black Friday $99 Plugin Bundle (Exclusive)

This bundle contains FM8, Scaler 2, Antares Auto Tune Access & Neoverb. The collective price of the bundle is $356 and currently available for 99$ only.  These plugins take care of everything from initial sound production to polished and processed audio output. Definitely one of the best early black Friday deals going on.



6. Black Friday $20 Plugin Bundle (Exclusive)

This bundle contains StereoSavage 2 Elements, Glitchmachines Cryogen,  Diffuse from Surreal Machines, BLEASS Phaser & W.A Production’s Combustor. These super powerful yet budget alternatives provide a unique and characterful sound. exclusively available on Plugin Boutique





7. Sonnox Black Friday Sale 

All of the plugins developed by Sonnox, both HD and Native, are compiled in this huge Black Friday Sale. The Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter, Sonnox Mastering Collection, Oxford Dynamics, Restore Bundle are included. Get hold of an entire arsenal suitable for mixing & mastering and save up to 75%.



Check out Sonnox’s Oxford limiter below:



8. ShaperBox 3 Bundle Sale

The nine potent multiband effects in ShaperBox – Volume, Time, Drive, Filter, Crush Noise, Pan, Width, and the new Liquid – are each a blank slate for your imagination. With a straightforward visual interface that makes producing quick and enjoyable, simply add a Shaper and draw any wave shape you can think of to control the effect.



Check out Shaperbox down below:



9. Melda Black Friday Sale 

Melda can’t be left behind, as they also put their entire catalog into a huge sale. Their best amps, equalizers, compressors, delays, filters, limiters, and saturators can be yours for half of the original price. Even Melda’s finest complete and creative bundles are 50% off. A total of 88 products are being offered to you. This sale is running until end of November.



Check out top 5 Melda Production plugins selected by Protoculture down below:



10. Pulsar Audio Pre-Black Friday Sale

Pulsar Audio plugins offer a digital version of some of the renowned vintage analog gear. If you are someone who craves for that analog texture, these deals might be something of your interest. In their Pre-Black Friday Sale on VST plugins, you can find tools such as 1178, Smasher, Mu & Echorec available at 60-70% off.




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