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Going Viral: Electronicos Fantasticos! make Electronic Music out of Barcode Scanners

Electronic music collective, Electronicos Fantasticos have gone viral on Instagram with their unique musical creations made entirely from barcode scanner sounds.


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Based in Japan, Ei Wada, the mastermind behind Electronicos Fantasticos first stumbled upon the idea of using electrical appliances to generate music about two decades ago. Ei Wada accidentally discovered a way to make sound by picking up static electricity from a CRT TV with a guitar amplifier. He found himself attaching electrodes to his body and striking the CRT TV in order to produce noises. This sparked an idea in Wada’s creative mind – if electrical signals could be captured in this way, then any old electrical appliance had the potential to become a musical instrument. Filled with enthusiasm over this realization, Wada launched a project called “ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!” in 2015. Through this collaborative effort, he began working to transform discarded electronics and appliances into musical instruments, gradually assembling an orchestra of these upcycled sounds. Driven by his serendipitous discovery, Wada has devoted himself fully to this creative endeavor, working on it tirelessly day and night ever since. Check out the complete interview with Ei Wada here.

Check out Electronicos Fantasticos! making music out of barcode scanners down below:



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