fl studio 21.1

FL Studio 21.1 brings Colorful Waveforms, Scale Snapping, and More

Image-Line has just released version 21.1, delivering meaningful upgrades that promise to boost productivity and inspiration. The update brings some interesting additions to FL Studio such as the colorful new waveforms and the chord/melody tools in the piano roll editor.


With the new waveform colors, users can easily spot low ends, mid-range, and high frequencies at a glance. This helps immensely when digging through samples or dialing in EQs on mixes, letting me “see” frequencies that need boosting or cutting. The colored visual feedback saves time and gives mixes a precision polish.


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The new scale snapping and scripting tools are also quite intriguing for musicians. Having notes snap to the selected musical key keeps improvised melodies in tune, an antidote for pitchy tendencies. Users eager to manipulate MIDI data will be excited to try the Python-based note scripts, since customized tweaking can spur creativity. Veteran FL Studio users have likely dreamed up unique MIDI manipulations that are now possible with these new scripting tools.


Beyond these workflow upgrades, the release includes the lush Hyper Chorus plugin for animated effects. FL Studio’s declipper also got an AI-powered upgrade to smooth distorted recordings. More subtle enhancements like external MIDI sync support and SliceX resizing reflect Image-Line’s attention to user-requested details.


While none of the 21.1 additions are revolutionary, they demonstrate Image-Line’s commitment to steady evolution. FL Studio still leads the pack in marrying an intuitive interface with deep capabilities. Check out all the updates here or in the video down below.



Image credits: Image Line

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