Focusrite Summer sale

Focusrite Summer Sale on FAST AI Plugins

This summer, Focusrite is offering steep discounts on their innovative FAST plugin range as part of their summer sale. For a limited time, you can save up to 85% on the complete FAST bundle or individual FAST plugins through August 31st.


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The FAST plugins leverage AI technology to streamline mixing and mastering tasks that often bog down production. With FAST’s intelligent analysis and adaptive processing, users can achieve polished results faster, maintaining creative momentum. The FAST bundle provides a full suite of mixing, mastering, and utility plugins.


  • FAST Limiter assists in effortless track mastering for streaming services using intelligent processing.
  • FAST EQ analyzes audio and suggests appropriate equalization to optimize tonal balance.
  • FAST Compressor consistently controls dynamics so tracks stay punchy and professional.
  • FAST Reveal clarifies busy mixes using source separation techniques.
  • FAST Verb intelligently selects perfect studio-grade reverbs for any audio with deep parametric control.


Individual FAST plugins are also available at steep discount. The cutting-edge tools integrate transparently into existing workflows while expanding production possibilities. Focusrite’s summer sale represents a prime opportunity to incorporate these innovative AI-driven plugins at an unbeatable value. With savings up to 85% off, the FAST bundle is available for as low as $53.98 or £49.48. Individual plugins start at just $13.48 or £0.90 a month.

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