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Masterclass: Laidback Luke & Raphi – Waiting for You | In The Studio with WRY Tech

For this edition of In The Studio, we have dance music legend, Laidback Luke. The series aims to help budding music producers learn from professionals by providing an exclusive look into the gear, software, workflow, and thinking behind some of the latest and greatest tunes in dance music. 


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Laidback Luke, the esteemed Dutch DJ, has established a remarkable reputation over the course of two decades by forging his own path and prioritizing versatility in all his endeavors. He revolutionized the global dance music scene, redefining fan engagement along the way. Notably, he also holds the distinction of being a Kung Fu World Champion, further solidifying his status as an exceptional superstar DJ.


Through his flagship brand Mixmash, Luke has directed his success towards personally inspiring the next generation of artists. Without a rigid musical agenda, his focus has always been on delivering outstanding quality. The collective efforts of Mixmash Records, Mixmash Deep, and Mixmash Bold have provided a platform for emerging talent, while consistently emphasizing the importance of artistic excellence and creative innovation.


In this captivating masterclass, Laidback Luke demonstrates how he brings his ideas to life, from initial inspiration to the final mix. Witness the intricacies of his workflow as he walks you through his favorite production tools, plugins, and gear. Gain invaluable knowledge as he dissects his signature sound, revealing the secrets behind his infectious beats, catchy melodies, and captivating arrangements.


We have also compiled a list of plugins Laidback Luke used in the track breakdown:

1. Massive 
2. Sylenth1
3. Fabfilter Saturn 2
5. Trackspacer 2.5
6. Soundtoys LittleAlterboy
7. Nectar 3
8. Polyverse Wider
9. Fabfilter Pro Q3
10. Matt Nash DST
11. Sonic Academy ANA
12. Soothe 2
13. Fabfilter Pro L
14. T-Racks Clipper
15. Linear Phase Multiband by Waves
16. Pro C-2
17. Black Box Analog
18. Ozone 9
19. Fabfilter MB



Ready to see how Laidback Luke made “Waiting For U” with Raphi? Watch the next video in our In The Studio series below!




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Image credits: Laidback Luke (Press)

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