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M-Clarity: Dynamic Resonance Suppressor Plugin for Impeccable Sound

Techivation is a fast-growing plugin manufacturer with some state-of-the-art music production tools. Trusted by over 200,000 creators, Techivation combines expertise from industry professionals with years of in-the-field experience. They recently launched M-Clarity which takes audio processing to new heights with its advanced spectral shaping technology. Designed to eliminate muddiness, boxiness, and harshness from mid and low frequencies, this dynamic resonance suppressor offers high-quality and artifact-free sound, surpassing existing products on the market. With its user-friendly interface and essential controls, achieving pristine audio clarity has never been easier. Let’s delve into the features that make M-Clarity a game-changer for music producers and sound engineers.


M-Clarity stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It provides a fast and intuitive user experience, allowing you to shape sounds perfectly with minimum effort. The plugin’s comprehensive controls grant you the flexibility to adjust the suppression effect, intensity, focus, attack, release, and frequency range. These parameters empower you to target specific resonances and achieve the desired tonal balance and clarity in your audio signal.



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Techivation has optimized M-Clarity’s spectral shaping algorithm to deliver exceptional sound quality without the need for oversampling. This translates to artifact-free and transparent performance across the frequency range of 20Hz to 6kHz. By focusing on the low-end, low-mid, and high-mid frequencies, M-Clarity ensures the highest possible quality for cleaning and enhancing these critical ranges. Moreover, M-Clarity’s low CPU usage allows you to integrate multiple instances seamlessly into your projects, maximizing your creative potential.


The Focus control in the plugin plays a crucial role in shaping the overall quality and character of the audio track. By adjusting the Focus setting, you can determine the selectivity of the processing. Higher settings make the plugin focus on the strongest resonances while having a lesser impact on weaker resonances. On the other hand, lower settings ensure that all resonant peaks are processed equally.


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With M-Clarity, you have the freedom to choose between hard and soft modes, tailoring the processing to your specific audio needs. The aggressive hard mode provides more precise treatment, while the gentle soft mode offers smoother processing. Additionally, the plugin’s attack and release parameters let you fine-tune the plugin’s response to changes in frequency content, ensuring optimal results for each audio source.


M-Clarity includes a frequency slider that enables you to identify and select the frequency range that requires enhancement. By pinpointing problematic areas, you can effectively clean up unwanted issues and improve the overall audio quality. The diff and filter buttons further assist in the adjustment process, allowing you to compare the original and processed audio signals and make fine-tuned tweaks to achieve the desired outcome.


To expedite your audio processing tasks, M-Clarity offers the convenience of pre-existing presets and the ability to create and save your own custom presets. This feature ensures consistency across different projects and saves valuable time by providing quick access to tailored settings.


Use cases


Effortlessly clean up your singing vocals and voiceovers by eliminating muddy and harsh frequencies, unwanted resonance, and annoying pops.



Transform your drum hits into a well-balanced and cohesive element within your mixes. You can easily carve out muddiness and boxiness, allowing each drum hit to fit seamlessly into your overall mix.



Fine-tune your mixes and achieve the perfect tonal balance, making your mastered tracks stand out with remarkable clarity and impact.



M-Clarity allows you to clean up recordings, removing unwanted artifacts and imperfections, ensuring that each instrument sounds pleasing to the ear and adds depth to your music.



With this plugin you can keep low frequencies balanced and eliminate boxiness, resulting in a clean and powerful bass sound that anchors your mix.


Transient Shaping

Soften and round up your transients for a smoother and more polished sound. Fine-tune the attack and decay of your sounds, allowing you to shape them to perfection and add subtle dynamics to your mix.



M-Clarity is now available at for a price of 45 USD; owners of other premium Techivation plugins can get a special loyalty offer of 35.00 USD. The original price will be 129.00 USD after the offer period ends.



Image credits: Techivation