Modo Drum & Modo Bass

MODO Bass 2 and MODO Drum 1.5: Redefining Drum and Bass Plugins

MODO BASS 2 and MODO DRUM 1.5 by IK Multimedia are two groundbreaking virtual instruments for drum and bass synthesis. MODO BASS 2 introduces a new level of control and versatility, allowing you to shape and select every aspect of your bass performance with unmatched precision. Meanwhile, MODO DRUM 1.5 harnesses the power of physical modeling and advanced sampling, providing you with deeply customizable drum kits that cover a wide range of styles and genres. Look deep into what MODO BASS 2 & MODO Drum 1.5 offer below. For a minimal time, you can claim 50% off on MODO BASS 2 or MODO DRUM 1.5 or save even more when you grab MODO BASS and MODO DRUM together for just $/€149.99!

MODO Bass 2

MODO Bass 2, developed by IK Multimedia, presents an innovative approach to virtual bass instruments, transforming the way producers craft basslines. The expanded edition of MODO Bass 2 introduces a wide range of features that enhance the authenticity and flexibility of bass sounds. Notably, the real-time modal synthesis technology stands out as it meticulously replicates the nuanced response of each string on the bass, considering various factors such as the player’s actions across different parts of the string surface, interactions with the fretboard, body, and pickups. This level of attention to detail sets it apart from other virtual instruments in the market.


With an extensive library offering up to 22 basses, MODO Bass 2 caters to diverse musical preferences. The expanded edition incorporates eight additional bass models, including fretless and upright options, allowing users to achieve both classic electric bass tones and the warm resonance of double bass. Moreover, advanced performance algorithms contribute to realism by accurately capturing the subtleties of a master musician’s playing style, offering precise control over elements such as hand position and play style.


The inclusion of a patterns section adds a new dimension to MODO Bass 2’s capabilities, enabling users to easily explore and audition patterns based on specific criteria like genre, song section, length, and time signature. These patterns, performed by professional bass players, impart an authentic groove and feel that closely resemble the performance of a live bassist.


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Furthermore, MODO Bass 2 introduces the Custom Shop and SE versions, allowing users to expand their bass collection by adding new models as desired. This emphasis on realism and customization empowers producers to create unique and lifelike basslines that elevate their musical compositions.


In summary, MODO Bass 2 is a highly recommended virtual instrument for producers seeking unparalleled realism and versatility in bass sounds. Its groundbreaking technology, extensive library, advanced performance controls, and authentic patterns section provide a wide range of possibilities for creating captivating basslines across various genres.





MODO DRUM 1.5 introduces a unique virtual drum instrument that combines modal synthesis and advanced sampling technology. With its expanded features and exceptional customization options, MODO DRUM provides musicians with an unparalleled opportunity to create highly realistic and customizable drum tracks.


The utilization of IK’s award-winning modal synthesis technology sets MODO DRUM apart from traditional sample-based virtual instruments. This technology enables real-time sound synthesis that dynamically responds to the interactions between the player, drums, and the surrounding environment. By breaking free from the limitations of standard drum sample libraries, MODO DRUM sets a new standard for authenticity and customization.


Featuring 13 dynamic drum kits, MODO DRUM offers a diverse collection that caters to various styles, genres, and time periods. Each kit, meticulously designed, presents a wide range of timbres and tones, from the vintage vibes of Silver and Plexi to the edgier tones of Brit Custom and Metal.


To unleash your creativity, MODO DRUM allows you to fine-tune every detail of your drum kit to perfection. You have control over parameters such as skin, tuning, damping, shell profile, and even sympathetic vibrations. The play style section provides precise control over drum hits, including location, accuracy, and stick type, offering endless possibilities for customization and enabling you to achieve your desired drum sound.


The immersive room simulation feature in MODO DRUM adds an extra layer of realism to your drum tracks. With a selection of environments to choose from, including recording studios, clubs, and cathedrals, the convolution technology ensures natural interaction between your drums and the chosen space, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your music.


MODO DRUM also comes with an integrated mixer and comprehensive control over individual elements of your kit. Additionally, the instrument includes a wide array of studio processors and effects derived from IK’s renowned T-RackS and AmpliTube, providing endless possibilities for shaping your sound.




Both MODO BASS 2 and MODO DRUM 1.5 are currently available for $/⁠€99.99. If bought together, the price is $/⁠€149.99


Image credits: IK Multimedia