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Plugins & Gear used by ALOK | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo is a DJ, and music producer from Brazil. Having started his career at the young age of 12, he is currently one of the most prominent icons in the electronic music industry. His discography spans various different genres of Electronic music ranging from EDM to Psytrance to electronic pop. Recently our team at We Rave You Tech managed to speak with Alok and gain insights into the music production tools he currently uses. Down below you’ll find top plugins & gear selected by Alok and how he uses them on a regular basis.


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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Serum, Avenger, Sylenth1, Spire and Exhale

1. Serum: A great sound designing plugin



2. Avenger: Great initial presets good to tweak around



3. Sylenth1: The easiest plugin to manipulate, good to make anything with.



4. Spire: Some of the best brazilian bass sounds came from here.



5. Exhale (Kontakt): An excellent vocal cut plugin, used a lot to make hooks and atmospheres.




Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer: Valhalla Room, H-Delay, OTT & more

1. Valhalla Room: The best reverb plugin in my opinion.



2. H-Delay: Really solid and good to make sweeps based on delay.




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