Plugins & Gear used by Blasterjaxx

Plugins & Gear used by Blasterjaxx | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

The Dutch DJ & Producer duo have been active in the electronic music scene for more than 10 years. Primarily focusing their discography in the Big Room house music industry, Blasterjaxx are well known for their high-intensity tracks & energetic DJ sets. At We Rave You Tech we were fortunate enough to speak with the duo and gain insights into their music production process. Down below is the list of top plugins & gear used by Blasterjaxx.


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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Avenger, Nexus 2 & Sylenth1


1. We’re huge fans of Avenger, made by the designers of Vengeance samples. Even though we would love to see more banks, it has quite an impressive library to choose from.



2. Other than that, we are still big users of the Nexus 2. We’ve been using this one for nearly our whole career.



3. Sylenth1 is the VST we made our big track ‘Snake’ in, so this one also deserved a spot on this list.




Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer: Ozone, Valhalla Room, Endless Smile & more

1. iZotope Ozone for mastering. Once you figure out how it exactly works, it’s an impressive tool that can be used both on the master as well on individual synth/vocal channels. 



2. Valhalla Room is the Reverb plugin we use the most.



3. Dada Life’s Endless Smile is our go-to plugin for ……………




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Image Credits: Blasterjaxx Facebook

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