Plugins & Gear used by Hozho | Exclusive Interview

Joel Monteiro a.k.a Hozho, is one of the fastest rising electronic music producer and DJ in the underground music community. His unique Melodark sound has earned him a huge fanbase across the globe and millions of streams across multiple platforms. The amalgamation of mesmerizing vocals and his experimentation with most diverse genres such as classical music and dubstep make him a prolific producer. We recently caught up with the massively talented Hozho to take a look inside his studio. Down below you’ll find the complete list of plugins & gear used by Hozho


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Q.1 Top favourite synth plugins / Kontakt libraries

 Answer: Omnisphere 2, Trilian, Nexus 2, Serum, Sylenth1.


1. Omnisphere 2: My favorite! This is a plugin that can be considered an all-in-one since we can easily compose a good track using only this plugin. With its extensive library (over 60GB!) we can find everything: basses, synths, arpeggios, pads, choirs, you name it…




2. Trilian: My first choice when it comes to bass. It’s a plugin by Spectrasonics (just like Omnisphere) and it also comes with a huge library of bass sounds and presets that easily adapt to any electronic music genre. A “must have”!



3. Nexus 2: My second choice when it comes to bass, but not only. It’s perhaps the plugin I’ve been using for the most years since I started my project, and since then I’ve remained faithful to it. Besides bass, it’s very good for synths and pads, to create melodies.



4. Serum: When it comes to creating more aggressive synths, Serum is my boy. You know that dirty high-pitched sound on the main drop of “Honey Trap”? Yeah, that was Serum.



5. Sylenth1: A classic from most electronic music producers. Like the Nexus 2, it has also been with me since the beginning and to this day it remains a reliable option in the creation of my melodies.



Q.2. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer:  Waves, Fabfiliter, Kickstart, Fruity Parametric EQ, Krush, Gross beat, Blackhole

1. Waves: For me Waves Audio has the ultimate mixing plugins. From EQ to compression, delays to reverbs, filters to stereo panning, Waves is the full pack.



2. FabFilter: Very good when it comes to mixing plugins but not as complex as Waves in my opinion. I use Pro-Q 2 for a more rigorous EQ, Timeless 2 for delay and especially Pro-C 2 for compression.



3. Kickstart: For sidechain compression. Used on bass, synths, pads and other elements to not conflict with the kickdrum, and also for aesthetic effects.



4. Fruity Parametric EQ 2: I said before that I use FabFilter Pro-Q 2 if I want a more rigorous EQ. When I simply want to give a quick EQ to a certain instrument, such as removing the low-end out of a synth or vocal, then FL Studio’s native Parametric EQ 2 serves this purpose very well. Yes, I’m one of those producers that use FL Studio.



5. Krush: A bitcrusher plugin to give a disintegration effect in the music. I use it more and more nowadays.



6. Gross Beat: A FL Studio plugin that I use to create chaos in the music during a transition, to give an unexpected effect. A brain cracker.



7. Blackhole: A reverb plugin to create more space and ambiance in songs. Used in melodies to create that “dreamy effect”.




Q.3. Top favourite Gear

Answer:  M-Audio Oxygen49, Rode NT1-A.

1. M-Audio Oxygen49: Apart from some samples of analog instruments that I have in my library, my music is completely digital. However, I won’t discard this option in the future, as I love organic sounds like piano and violins. For now, I only use this MIDI controller keyboard that helps me more easily in the creative process, especially in creating melodies. In the end, the best gear you have is your brain.



2. Rode NT1-A: Those who follow me know that I use some vocals in my songs, mostly speeches. This is the microphone I use which, in my opinion, has a great value for money.



Image credits: Agustin Cuello

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